Monthly Archives: April 2017

Dear Dad

Are you happy with the way things have turned out? It’s been nearly 5 months since we talked. We didn’t speak at Christmas. In fact, I cancelled my plans to come to Sarnia because of you and I missed Christmas with my family, which I haven’t enjoyed in over 5 years. We didn’t speak at New Years. It’s now Easter, and we’re still not speaking.

I haven’t been able to celebrate great moments in my life with you – like recently getting a new permanent job and being promoted to a higher one. Never saw you when my ship was in town. Never even heard from you. You, the father, are so stubborn that you refuse to apologize for the sake of patching up a relationship with your own daughter.

What exactly are you gaining from this? Who wins in this? We have never had a falling out like this. And to think it started over a disagreement about politics, initiated by you and escalated by you, at my Thanksgiving dinner table. It hardly matters that we differ in world views, because I know we do and that’s why I don’t talk about it with you. But it does matter that you used my beliefs as an attack on my mental health. Not only is that a small-minded coping mechanism, but it’s pretty deplorable to bully your own children. And if I did actually have mental health issues, what does it say about you as a father when you use it to smear me as a person to people who love me? Very supportive, Very loving. Very fatherly.

When did you become such a terrible, mean-spirited person? This has nothing to do with me. This has everything to do with you being a miserable, lonely man with no patience or compassion for other people. You now have 2 of your kids not talking to you, and another only hanging around because he’s enjoying being a rare favourite… at the expense of being around the person he probably hates more than anyone (the girlfriend you got back together with, in spite of her abusing your kids and scarring them for life). You haven’t won. None of us has.

But honestly, nothing makes you happy. Everything pisses you off. Your violent temper is a turn-off to most reasonable people. You’re at a stage in your life where you should be enjoying yourself and keeping your family close. And all you do is waste your time complaining and being a downer, and apparently tearing down the people who have always supported you. And you run to the person who you spent a couple years lamenting about,

I haven’t made great choices in this fight, but I suppose being under attack has that effect on people. I suppose mean-spiritedness breeds mean-spiritedness. You screwed up and you need to make an effort to fix it. I’m not going to make this easy for you. I think I’ve demonstrated that. I’m sick of the dysfunction in this family. You need to get over yourself and realize that I’m at a good place in my life, I’m doing well and actually… I’m doing far better than you are. You used to praise me and be proud of that. You’ve gorgotten who you are and who I am. You’ve become petty and you hold on to grudges stronger than you hold on to family.

And your beloved Trump sucks and is a bona fide failure. Time to let it go.