Alt Right vs. Media

America is in deep trouble. Code blue kind of trouble. This is the first time in my life that politics has scared me. But I’m also more engaged in it than ever before, which probably kickstarted my interest… one of the few upswings to this festering boil of an administration.

The attack on the media is perhaps one of the scariest parts, a tactic long used by historical dictators. But the media is handling it fairly well. I watched Don Lemon cut off Paris Denard on CNN when being asked about the hypocrisy of the Trump family costing taxpayers millions for private travel. They’ve doubled in one month what the Obama family cost Americans in an entire year – a year when stupid conservatives did nothing but whine about it, but suddenly taxpayer funded expenses being exploited by the Trump family is perfectly fine. It’s so painfully hypocritical, and when these clowns get asked about it and they don’t have a solid defense, they revert to “fake news” distractions… just like Paris did. Don cut him off when he was using his airtime to accuse the media outlet hosting him of being fake news… and then shut him out completely.

That is exactly what the media has to be doing. Why even have these idiots on your show spreading this message? Why not have moderate conservatives or actual media analysts with a qualified background in it? The people coming out of the woodwork in the wake of Trump’s war on notmalcy are Anne Coulter on steroids. (but I would still take Anne Coulter over Alex Jones or Milo Yiannopoulis any day)

The media is far more powerful than people realize. Honest reporting is not fake just because their reports are not favourable. Dedicated Trudeau supporters aren’t calling it fake news when he renegs on electoral reform… but Trump supporters call everything fake news that they don’t like. Give them a big enough platform and this will become the new normal.

When MSNBC aggressively refused to have Kellyanne Conway on air anymore, I was singing hallelujah. CNN tried it once and then caved and had her on air, where she totally changed her tune from attacking them to placating them. It’s high time that ALL the networks donthis. It’s the only weapon that would work. If they can’t broadcast their message and their “alternative facts”, they lose. Media is helping them keep suport.

Even a FOX News host can’t contain bis anger over Trump anymore. Enough is enough. Cut this clown off at his mouth.


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