Does the GOP have a strategy?

I am in this dark place lately where Twitter, Facebook, liberal forums and news are eating up all my time. Never in my life have I been so consumed by the state of the world, to the point of not sleeping properly or not being able to focus on anything else. I am on my phone basically all day. My spouse is already fed up with it, which is just as well. I don’t think the free world has much more time to get all the information off the internet as they can, or speak their free mind. Pretty soon FOX will be the State media and anyone speaking against the establishment will be penalized.

I am more terrified of extremist American Christians and fringe groups gaining ground, like the KKK and white nationalist groups, than I am of any moderate Muslim anywhere. I think the Republican party has demonstrated that it is scarier than any other threat facing Americans. All this time you feel like, hey I might not agree with your politics, but career politicians on either side are sure to preserve the Constitution and generally have Americans’ best interests at heart. WRONG.

I keep saying this, but in the event that Democrats ever take back the Senate or the White House again, the GOP will be a party of the past… unless civil war breaks out and they become the sole party of the Confederation. I am beginning to think civil war will be the better of two evils, versus international conflict. Sure, the US is screwed either way, but at least a domestic war wouldn’t result in nuclear deloyment.

Civil war has been brewing for a long time – mostly in the deep South. So if perilous executive orders continue coming out that endanger the rights of minorities and instal a Christian theocracy/totalitarian state, civil war is pretty much a definite. It would be far more complicated today than it was in the 1860s, what with wars no longer being fought with just man power and guns. It’s pretty clear the executive branch is aligned with Trump, so what military power would the other side even have? (not to self: brush up on Northern Ireland)

But back to Democrats. If they win the Senate in 2018 before Trump and Bannon start a nuclear war or dismantle the government, it firstly means certain impeachment. Secondly, it means we diffuse global chaos coming to a head. Thirdly, we’ll be on a path to never seeing the GOP win a majority ever again. That party will never recover from this, UNLESS members within the GOP see the clear and present danger and start breaking away and moving to impeach him. McCain and Graham will start it, and I think Cornyn will follow because he’s apparently not happy with being overlooked on the Bannon appoinment. And when the most prominent members defect, the wimps like Ryan, Priebus and Cruz will follow… because they have herd mentality. It’ll piss off most of their support, though, so it sadly could make the prospect of this happening even slimmer… but maybe not if they ram through their entire agenda and ride out the rest of the term with Pence. Because the GOP puts money and power before country. Everyone says that.

I think the GOP has such a strong hold among conservatives that the prominent figures could successfully slander Trump to the point of convincing their base that he was putting them in danger. Nobody els will get through to them – certainly not Democrats, women or minorities.


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