I’m starting to think the dream of owning a home is a lot more hyped up than it should be… like being a homeowner is the biggest scam of the century. Think about it; you take out a ridiculous mortgage that you’ll be paying off until you’re retired or well past it. You’ll be paying interest to the bank on that, and then you’ll be struggling to survive between utilities payments and fluffy privileges like internet and TV that tend to cost a fortune. Or, you could live in a mobile home and pay next to nothing. I think my fantasy of buying a house is slowly dwindling to the more realistic and attainable goal of buying a plot of land and just building a small shack… or living in a trailer on it. As long as it’s got heat, is cheap and has my personal touches, I’d be happy to call it home.

Home is what you make it, right? Who cares if your house was made in a factory, or if it has wheels on it. Houses are such a pain in the ass anyway. The constant maintenance and expense makes me kind of happy I’m not paying for one right now. If I had a mobile home, I could dedicate all my spare time to my yard. I could put money in the bank to fund trips around the world, which is more important to me than a house. I want to retire comfortably. I want to be a snowbird. How do you do that if your entire paycheque goes towards funding your life in the now?

Too many people buy in to this. Have less material stuff, more money and be comfortable. I think I’m just going to commit my savings for a plot of land and buy it outright, and then worry about living on it later. I want to live my life to the fullest while I’m young, and not be saddled in one town without the ability to go anywhere or do anything.


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