I’m quickly realizing that this trip to Europe next summer is going to cost us a fortune. I almost wish we had been able to do it this year so that I wouldn’t be stressing over it right now. However, this is going to be a good trip because I’m planning for a stopover in Iceland.

I know, right? Random.

But, as it turns out, flights to Reykjavik are weirdly cheap… and Icelandair offers stopovers of up to 7 days. So this is kind of perfect. I feel overwhelmed by the amount of research I have to do to make this trip as organized and efficient as possible.

In unrelated news…

I’m seriously considering giving up alcohol… totally. I don’t know if I want it to be a permanent sacrifice, but you know, my lifestyle has taken a turn for the worst in the last few years. When I lived on my own I was a little bit overweight… I smoked every once in a while. I seldom drank, unless I was with friends. And I enjoyed the control I had over myself. It’s harder to do when friends are always here, or when your partner drinks frequently as it is. It just happens. I have the type of personality that is easily manipulated by the people I’m around. But it’s been a nagging thought lately, and every time I do end up drinking I feel consumed by guilt. I want to listen to my conscience and be more diligent about my health as diabetes runs in my family. So does alcoholism, on both sides. I feel pretty sure about being able to commit to a change, because it’s something I feel in my gut and that I actually WANT. Although, I feel I’ll indulge on certain occasions… like New Years.

I also started physio today. My path to recovery has been going pretty flawlessly, actually. On the 6-week anniversary of my injury I started walking, and it didn’t take very long until I wasn’t using the air boot at all. My foot has a tendency to swing out to the right when I walk though, because the ligaments are still tight around my ankle when I walk straight (around the Achilles especially), so swinging it out distributes the weight more comfortably. I’ve been trying to force myself to walk straight when I notice that I’m doing it. The swelling has almost totally gone down, although my right ankle is still noticeably larger than the left. Both the surgeon and the physiotherapist have commented on how well I’m doing, so quickly. I shouldn’t need much physio, which is a relief.

I’m kind of missing work. Not greatly lol, but I miss the people. I miss the creativity and the purpose in each day. I miss my little cabin too. Every month I decorate it with photos and paintings, and when I go back in December I’ll be able to decorate it for Christmas… which I always love doing. Work tends to lift my spirits too, and I’m wondering if that’s because I don’t like my house. I’m hoping that changes when we move in a few weeks.

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