The cold that won’t go away

My lungs feel like they have tiny cuts all over them. Every time I cough, it triggers what’s at least a 30-second cacophony of hacks and snorts as I try to loosen up whatever it is that’s gumming up my lungs. And you can’t stop; once you get that first cough out it’s impossible to stop until you cough something up that your lungs are aggressively trying to get rid of. The continual coughing leaves you gulping for air. Afterwards your lungs just feel scarred and ripped in half.

It’s especially bad when you cough so hard that it turns in to puking. One of the worst parts of having a cold/respiratory infection is when sticky mucous gets stuck at the top of your throat when the nasal passage meets to esophagus, and no amount of swallowing or coughing will get rid of it. When you cough you can feel it muffle in your lungs and the sounds it produces are raspy, and when you just breathe it’s hollow and whirry… sometimes just rumbling in the lower lungs.

Big thanks to Kenney for this one.


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