I’m watching I Am Cait and I’m overwhelmed at the ease of which Caitlyn Jenner is living her life. I’m taken aback by how beautiful she is… mostly because I always thought Bruce was an odd-looking person. You could tell he had extensive plastic surgery and it was baffling, because it made him look bizarre. It was hard to imagine the transition being as astounding as it is.

I love to see trans people being able to live their lives in peace and humility, blending in the way they want to… in America, no less. However, California has always been ahead of the curve. California is basically the model the world is hoping the rest of the states will look to for what they could be… maybe minus the tofu smoothies and the whole living on the plate tectonic ridge thing.

I don’t want to put my parents down, because they’re good people; they just have conservative points of view which have always clashed with mine. Attitudes change over time. It’s hard to imagine that I’ll ever be a person who discriminates or believes that denying rights based on who you fundamentally are is ok, coming from a generation of acceptance… so I doubt I’ll ever be considered conservative. But there’s still a big divide between conservative values and progressive ones today, which often causes inner conflict for a lot of people, like being raised in a religious household but being immersed in greater society. It never did for me. For as long as I can remember having opinions about political issues, I have defended them aggressively.

I can’t remember ever being uncomfortable with the LGBTQ community. There was certainly a time when I didn’t get much exposure to it, so I didn’t understand it and asked a lot of questions. I still remember when I was new to college and a childhood friend I hadn’t seen in 6 or 7 years was passing through town on a roadtrip and came to see me. She talked about her life and mentioned that she was gay and had a girlfriend. I remember being stunned and feeling confused. It was really the first time I was confronted with it. Looking back I realize I asked a lot of ignorant and embarrassing questions, which she was really good about answering, but I remember liking the feeling of knowing… like she let me in to that part of who she is at a time when being gay wasn’t quite at the relaxed status it is now. I liked the chance to be around it, because when I was I realized all the things people with anti-gay sentiments say were absolutely not true. Any time you’re around something that validates your opinion, or even changes it, you feel free of confusion. It’s nice to be in the presence of controversial subjects and feeling the uncertainly wash away… and just feel love in your heart for fellow human beings, and embrace differences. I was never anti-gay in the first place, but being sheltered and kept away from people you don’t understand or relate to can brew hatred and is the reason so many people still feel uncomfortable. It’s got to be torture to feel that angry about such a non-issue… to fight over it so senselessly and create so much misery when all you have to do is get to know each other and do your job as a human: love.

I believe that’s all anybody really needs to get over their fear or misunderstanding. I believe human beings are inherently good-willing if they’re open. I’m glad every day that my heart makes up my mind for me. I wish more people in the world followed such a simple instinct.


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