I can’t believe how quickly September turned snotty. Five days ago we were suffering in heavy humidity, and today it’s cold, windy and raining. I’m tempted to turn on the heat in my bedroom, where I’m laying on my bed trying to scrounge up the energy to get some packing done, but if I do I won’t want to turn it off and it will ignite the desire to have it on every day. I really want to avoid the use of hydro as much as possible until we move.
I could easily go on a rant about the cost of hydro, but I want to read more about the lawsuits pending against our crown corporations before I do.

So, autumn. Every year around this time I write a blog entry spilling my profound love of this season. I guess because I have so many good memories attached to it… a lot of which were during college. I loved riding the bus around town and seeing all the colours, and the fall decorations. I loved going to St. Jacob’s market on boring rainy days, or to the mall when I wanted to get out of the house. Everywhere I went the smell of cinnamon and mulled cider filled the air. Everything was adorned in reds, browns, yellows and oranges. Every store had harvest themed products and decorations. It’s just pretty, and very appealing to the senses. I would rather decorate for fall than Christmas.

I love the sound of the wind blowing through the trees and rustling the leaves off the branches. The rain isn’t always nice, as being wet and cold is never a good combination… but dampness is an inseparable component of the season.

There’s something comforting about wearing a warm sweater and being wrapped in a heavy scarf. I always liked fall fashions more than any other season. Even sitting in a coffee lodge looking out the window at the miserable weather is a small joy I relish every year.

The flashbacks of chilly October hayrides and small town fairs bring of flood of nostalgia. Every October in Sault, MI I went to the Haunted Depot downtown, which was a cheesy “spooky” haunted building where visitors would walk through a series of dark themed rooms on a tour and get startled by costumed figures suddenly lunging at them, or seeing images in a room of strobe lights. It was pretty good for what it was, and I made my mom take me every year.

One of my favourite pasttimes is going for drives through small towns, that always have more seasonal charm than bigger cities. There are always the signature colonial houses done up for the occasion, and turn-of-the-century shops with window decals. We’re lucky to live near some of these places.

Today’s an apple tea and packing kind of day.


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