It’s very windy, chilly and overcast outside. Last night was rough because family who was catsitting for us told us our cat had disappeared, and it’s just been a pretty shitty week all in all, so I got drunk and I’ve only gotten out of bed to go to the bathroom and eat. The rest of the day has been filled with Youtube, Reddit and Facebook. And WordPress, it seems.

We just came back from the Counting Crows concert in Michigan. It was pretty perfect; I knew there was a good reason for being in love with Adam. The day before we went I had just started walking. I’m less devastated about the injury and starting to get back to normal. Walking really eradicates the feeling of helplessness. I have a lot of positivity about my recovery.

Although, they left a staple in my leg. The skin has grown over it and it really sucks. And my ankle is obviously very swollen, and I’m consumed with the dread of it possibly being swollen permanently.

I might hop in my car and enjoy the freedom of driving. We’re moving back to the farm in November (yay, ghosts!) and I need smaller boxes for the loose stuff, like the contents of the medicine cabinet. It’ll be nice to get out of the house on my own.


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