Coco’s Bar in Grand Bend and the abysmal customer service logistics they employ.

When I saw the link going around Facebook about Tim Piche’s experience at Coco’s Bar & Grill in Grand Bend, it ignited a rage. I’ve never seen or heard of a business harassing, slandering, committing copyright infringement and uttering subtle threats to someone who left them a bad review for blatantly shitty service. Not only is that asking for legal intervention, but it goes to show that the entire establishment is being run by people who have shit for brains.

It was the owner who initiated the harassment, followed by at least half a dozen of his own staff doing the same. Up until I saw this article and started following it (because I sincerely hope to see them taken to court over this), I had no idea who Mick Rapaport was. I didn’t know he or the show Grand Benders even existed. What I do know now is that he and his son Justin are due to appear in court at the end of the month for allegedly throwing a brick at someone who appeared on the Bachelorette, and for allegedly obstructing the peace when cops showed up.

I also know that their bar/restaurant, where this show is filmed, is ranked #37 of 37 establishments in Grand Bend with currently 68 terrible reviews on Trip Advisor, most of which go back way before these incidents even happened. I know that the repeating complaints in these reviews are centered mostly around terrible service/attitude of staff, crappy/cold food and being nickeled and dimed… including being charged for water.

I know that there’s been a trend of the owner allegedly harassing customers himself, cursing and uttering expletitives to them when they make a complaint. I know they don’t like kids in their establishment, and that they often tell customers they can’t seat groups of more than 6 even when the place is mostly empty. I know customers have complained about the staff ignoring them or copping an attitude when the servers are expected to…. ready for it?… SERVE.

I know I’ll never step foot in there, and that I will forever remind people not to go there when mention of Grand Bend arises. I am a strong advocate that websites like Trip Advisor, Yelp and the Better Business Bureau help keep businesses in check. I know good managers keep close tabs on these and do their best to respond professionally and rectify a problem to keep their businesses from tumbling in to abyss. How could any business, especially one featured on TV, not care about the quality or reputation of their money-maker? You don’t see ANYONE ELSE on TV who runs an establishment publicly cutting down the very people whose money keeps it running. In fact, there are TV shows dedicated to the improvements to service and quality.

Like I said, I didn’t know anything about the show. But I do know it’s designed to be a knock-off of Jersey Shore. I watched a couple YouTube clips and here’s my conclusion:

Nobody wants to see washed up beach bums partying or DJing. Soul patches are not for anyone beyond the age of 45. MTV Canada caters to a young demographic, which the main characters are not. And Grand Bend is hardly at the calibre of Jersey Shore. Jersey Shore followed a group of 20-somethings who were the same age as most of the demographic watching… just like The Real World, just like Road Rules. People watching identify with the excitement of their lives and thrive on the sexual tension and attraction of the characters… which neither Mick or his wife possess. They attract a younger crowd because cameras are around and they get to feign the same level of fame as Snookie and the Situation… but nobody with any common sense actually believes they’re anything alike. Sadly, it’s nowhere near that and never will be. Nobody gives a fuck about some shit 80s bar in Grand Bend, Ontario. It’s Ontario. It’s not exactly Ocean Avenue.

So I imagine the “fame” complex is what causes this bar of nobodies to dream that they’re bigger than life and more important than the rest of us. They probably believe that being on TV will keep them afloat and therefore they don’t have to care about their customers and make money. But guess what; even the reality stars you’re trying to emulate have a PR team that advises them. Guess what; MTV is still a corporation looking to make money and Grand Bend really isn’t all that interesting to begin with… the public interest in the show will only last for so long. If you keep acting like fucking morons, nobody will watch your show and MTV therefore won’t waste their time. At the end of the day, most of them are tequila bunnies making minimum wage at a bar. Those of us with real skills and careers don’t walk around acting like a horse’s ass and get rewarded for it. And, like most things including TV shows, it’ll die. How do you profit off your slummy behaviour and crappy service skills when it does?

I hope your establishment gets dragged to court and you end up paying damages. Because if it was me who was getting harassed, that ball would have already been rolling.


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