So there are those times when you get holed up in a hospital for days after surgery, or someone in your family does, and you find out the unfortunate way just how much you don’t mean to the people who are supposedly closest to you. You find out exactly just how much of a piece of shit you can feel like.

Mind you, I never talk to 2 of them because one doesn’t have a phone and never reaches out, and the other never answers my calls or returns them… and the times he does answer solicit about 2 minutes of conversation because he’s “busy”. Too busy for me only, though.

It’s pretty fucking bad when people I haven’t seen since middle school can extend a simple thought of support, or when complete strangers will hold your hand and kiss your forehead when you’re crying, but your best friend, your sister and your own fucking brother won’t even ask how you’re doing. Won’t call, won’t even type a fucking unhappy face on your Facebook post.

Fuck you, you lousy jerks. Like, it had to be said. I log online to see if the people I care the most about have sent me a much-needed lift-me-upper, but instead see them lamenting over canine custody or snapchat. Priorities, right?

I’ve made decisions. These people are no longer in my life. I’ve drawn the line.


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