Sia vs. Soccer Moms

Why is everyone waging a child pornography war against Sia? Without knowing this was even an issue, I YouTubed her video for Elastic Heart (because I heard the song for the first time in my car today and shazamed that shit – two modern verbs in one sentence). Anyway, the first thing that came to my mind was, “Wow, this video is awesome!!” I didn’t even know Maddie Ziegler was 12; never heard of her before.

It’s not like she and Shia were sexually charged or anything. As usual, a bunch of people who don’t bother to look in to the intent of the video are making a judgment. Oh ok, so kids can’t be incorporated into artistic productions that cast them in a mature role? Sex is obviously not ok, but this wasn’t sex. It was supposed to represent two versions of the songwriter battling each other, and Maddie was told during production to enact a werewolf that’s been caged for a year. It’s probably illuminating some psychological conflict Sia had… over what, we don’t know. Isn’t that the beauty that creative expression lends to our senses and minds? Art is supposed to be an outlet for the artist, and an interpretive brain puzzle for the observer… That’s the fun of it. To jump all over it and laud sexual exploitation shows the mentality of the crowd watching it. If they were gyrating all over one another, then fine… scream it all you want. I think it’s more disturbing to see perversion in senseless places, and help to over-sexualize things that were fine in the first place.

Then all the news outlets were all, “Sia apologizes for video.” She didn’t even. She said it wasn’t her intention to offend and apologized to those who were offended, but in no way did she apologize for the video itself and she shouldn’t have to. Fuck the soccer moms who are turning us in to an apologetic nanny state. I’m tired of moms crying about children all the time. You know what? If you see something negatively and you express it, that’s exactly how they’ll see it. They might otherwise have no reaction to it at all, or they’ll appreciate some innocent facet of it… like the dancing, or the blonde wig. And whatever, maybe it’s time to accept that the world doesn’t alter creativity and artistic expression to suit your kids. Like how fucking boring would this place be if everything was kid-friendly?


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