Let me tell you how I really feel.

My opinions of people who commit adultery, or willingly participate in it, are quite negative. People who involve themselves with committed individuals have a serious problem, and major insecurities. I don’t support people who do this.

The sick thing is that of the friends I know who have done it, nearly all of them have said one or both of the following sentences:

“His wife trapped him and he’s in an unhappy marriage.”
“It’s on his conscience, not mine.”

Are you that daft that you can actually say those words and not flinch? That you believe the cliché of the first sentence, which has been mocked and exploited in more movies than I care to count? I’m glad you don’t care, because when you get married and spend all that money on a lavish ceremony celebrating the love you think is genuine and forever, he’s going to go out and pass himself around to someone else (or many someone elses) and then we all to get to enjoy the minor satisfaction of that little thing they say about karma.

Would it be ok if it was your dad who did that to your mother? Or your husband who did it to you and your kids?

People who tell the rest of us that they just want a loving, monogamous, committed relationship, and yet willingly engage in an affair, deserve everything they get. STOP MESSING WITH OTHER PEOPLE’S RELATIONSHIPS JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE TOO FUCKING INSECURE AND DESPERATE TO HAVE YOUR OWN. It’s pathetic, what you’re doing is wrong, and you’re the biggest asshole in the world for doing it.


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