It’s not ok to sell misandry.

I think my opinion on female entitlement has been made clear, but here’s an aspect to it that continues to grind my gears. I cannot stand seeing promotional slogans that profit from teaching women that it’s ok to hold men below you… that it’s ok to see them as walking ATMs… that it’s ok to call him stupid, to infer that he’s less human than you. You know what? Yes, men did it to us for millenia, but the entire point of gaining equal rights is to BE EQUAL – not to use it as a platform for revenge over misogyny and patriarchy. I’m sorry, but the entire “let’s do unto them as they have done unto us” philosophy is fucking bullshit and a waste of precious energy. We went to the 400 Market in Barrie last weekend and it’s a lot like the Gibraltar Trade Center… the same crap that’s been there since 1998, and the same pain in the ass vendors harassing you just for glancing at their booth. I don’t mind going to them, because I like the preserves and the meats you can buy, even if the old order “Mennonite” who sold it to you is wearing Nike shoes. But, there was one particular booth that agitated me because it was primarily a collection of misandristic signs, such as “How much do I love you? Let me count your money” with a picture of a woman with dollar signs for eyes. I couldn’t remember half the signs, but I remember this much: every single one of them was trying to profit off tasteless, witless humour. I mean it – they’re NOT funny. Not just in the sense that I take misandry a lot more seriously ever since I became all too familiar with its profitability in family law, but they’re literally devoid of humour. I’d go as far as calling it stupid humour. I picture some middle-aged divorcee walking up and chuckling as she pulls out a $20 bill she got from her monthly support cheque, taking the sign home and mounting it in her bathroom with all her cat trinkets and flowered wallpaper. That’s the type of person those signs appeal to. And don’t get me wrong… I feel equally appalled by things like The Man Show that strictly uses women as sex objects, or catchphrases like “Cheaper to Keep Her” because it’s annoying to be labelled and generalized as a sex object who only wants money and whines too much… when I’m the one who’s basically ON YOUR SIDE and I’m fighting against the stereotypes with you. Don’t lump me in with all the women that I hate, because nothing could ever be more insulting. I’m a real feminist, because I believe we have the power to stand on our own two feet and do everything for ourselves, and at the same time have meaningful relationships with others who do the same for themselves. We’re either all equal, or we’re not. There’s no in between. I know the stereotypes happen on both sides, but I’m ashamed of women who buy in to this and get a sense of satisfaction from it. Why is it ok to publically target men as being less intelligent, or to publically decree that you’re all about his money? It’s not ok, and it kind of makes you look like a loser if those signs actually call out to you. I get that they’re supposed to be cute and a joke, but liking them shows that you agree with them to some extent. God forbid you buy one, and then man-hating becomes profitable and you contribute to it. Luckily, I didn’t see anyone looking at the signs… but I quickly glanced at the vendor hidden behind the counter and shook my head – a woman, naturally.


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