New wheels

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the loss of my beloved 2003 VW convertible beetle, Beatrice. She took a turn for the worst a few weeks ago when I discovered her top was leaking, and when I brought her in to the dealership to get inspected I ended up finding out there was no way I could afford to fix all the problems on her. What I suspected was going to be a $2000 repair turned in to $7000 in multiple repairs, and that’s going to end up costing me more than I paid for the car. She’s 11. I got 4 wonderful years with her.

Man, did I cry when I saw her today though. My heart sank and I just felt such an emptiness. That car has been like another appendage to me.

The silver lining is that I got myself a new vehicle, though. This one is only 3, and it’s the car I’ve been looking at for a couple years. It’s a white 2011 Nissan Juke. I knew before I got to the dealership that I was going to fall in love with this car, just like I knew I’d fall in love with Beatrice before I saw her. Of course the 2014 Jukes are flashy and gorgeous, and surprisingly not that expensive, but I’m just not in the market to be in that much debt, so I settled for the used one.

I couldn’t really picture myself owning an SUV, because I always associated them with soccer moms and high gas receipts. But, I live in a part of the province that’s brutal in the winter, so I needed something with either 4-wheel or all-wheel drive. I like cars that are unique, and that aren’t very common. VW beetles are common, but I had a rare colour and a convertible. An SUV is a far cry from something rare, but I picked the Juke because I liked the shape of it. It’s very cool looking. And as soon as I drove it and discovered how comfortable it is and how smooth a drive it is, I was sold. I think I’ll be more excited once I get the car and drive it around, but right now I’m still sad about losing my other one. It’s emotional.


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