Welcome to Cape Breton.

Here I am in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. My life’s passion is travel, as we all know, so being able to tack a few more places on my wall map is a pretty exciting thing in and of itself.

The flight in to Halifax was fine, until we descended into Halifax. I was told by an Air Canada employee that “there is weather” in Halifax when she asked where I was flying to. I asked if there were going to be cancellations (I was hoping she’d say yes so I wouldn’t have to deal with the crippling anxiety of flying through bad weather) and she gave me a look as if to say, “More than likely.” However, my flight was not cancelled. Noooo, why would it be cancelled when all the forces of the universe could get together and conspire to make me miserable by sticking me on a plane and making me fly through my worst nightmare?

We had to circle above Stanfield airport for about 20 minutes before we could land because the snow was so bad that the runway was closed. Fantastic. I overheard someone who knows something about airports and planes say, “The Americans won’t even land when it’s like this. Only Canadians will.” Thank GOD for our adaptation to subarctic storms…

I can handle the snow clouds and the bouncing around, because anybody with two brain cells knows that clouds mean a bumpy ride. It’s the inconspicuous wind that creeps up and tips the plane from left to right on the way down that makes one seriously consider walking instead of flying. I held my palm up to my colleague to show him the beads of sweat forming and he laughed at me and patted my leg telling me, “Ahhh you’re fine.” Then, as the plane is right above the runway, it’s still tipping rapidly from side to side, and then suddenly we land with a bounce and all is fine.

So naturally I was relieved when I saw that our connecting flight was cancelled.

Air Canada put us up in a hotel in Dartmouth for the night and gave us vouchers for taxis and meals. I was impressed that they’d do that. Talk about comfortable rooms… those beds were heaven. So that was awesome. Then we had the greatest cab driver in the entire world. These Nova Scotians have got to be the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

My old manager from Zellers lives near Dartmouth, so she actually came to see me this morning for breakfast. She told me she was going to surprise me with a quick trip to Peggy’s Cove, but her car was acting up. Then she took me to the mall so I could kill some time before our cab came to pick us up for the airport. So I got to shop at an Atlantic Target! I would like to rent a car for the weekend and drive back down to Halifax so I can actually see things, and she told me I can stay at her place.

So now I’m at the Canadian Coast Guard College in Sydney, about to start my training course for logistics officer. I’m SO stoked about being out here!

(And it doesn’t suck that seafood is so much cheaper in the Maritimes than it is back home. Might have to bring back some lobster, since they sell them in the airport ahaha)


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