Going gluten-free

So I’m giving this gluten-free diet a whirl – not because it’s the newest fad, but because gluten products are addictive and the biggest source of my continual weight gain. I thought today would be a good day to write about it, since I’ve been free of this purportedly evil protein for one week (technically I think tomorrow is the real end of the week, since I’m pretty sure I had an English muffin last Sunday). Other than stabbing the roof of my mouth on a sweet potato tortilla chip, things have been fine.

The reason I decided to try this is because Melissa went gluten-free and dropped a tonne of weight. I’ve been struggling with my weight for long enough and I manage to keep gaining it, which is making me crazy since I was in pretty good shape about 3 years ago. I keep stumbling upon all these pictures from my first trip to Cuba, and pictures from the Griffon, where I was about 20 lbs lighter and it’s depressing me. I have a hard time staying away from snacks like crackers, and I love things like sandwiches for lunch. I wouldn’t say I eat a lot, but my diet has had a generous dose of gluten my entire life. Even when I tried to eat healthy in the past, I’d drop a bit of weight, but I always seemed to plateau about 15 lbs above where I wanted to be.

In the last week I’ve noticed a couple things. The biggest change has been my appetite. Yesterday for breakfast I had a banana, a couple spoonfuls of cottage cheese and half a grapefruit… and I didn’t feel like eating again until supper. At supper all I had was a little bit of roasted chicken and potatoes and I was full. I had made fluffy white cheese buns for the guys and I didn’t even have much of a temptation to eat one. I snacked a little bit before bed, on some of those sweet potato tortillas and my homemade guacamole, but I didn’t even have that much before I pushed it away.

I also noticed that I feel lighter. I could swear I’ve shed a couple inches when I look in the mirror, but I have no idea where. It’s not going to be that noticeable in one week, but I feel it. I’m not getting bloated at all. In fact, there was only one day where I had any kind of stomach cramp and that was when I had puffed corn cereal with coconut milk one day and it did something to my insides, bad enough to have me bending over in pain in Home Depot (although I still maintain that it’s probably because I was in Home Depot to begin with.)

So those are two great incentives being on this diet. I live in a house with 3 guys who love everything that’s terrible for you, which is the biggest reason I’ve been gaining weight. It’s hard to avoid things like gravy, bread, pasta (BEER) when they’re all right there in front of you and so convenient to turn to. I know I can maintain this at work. Work is always where I manage my diet better. And it seems I’ve found a way to manage it at home now, so I hope this works in my favour and that this is a struggle I can put to rest.

I’m also not weighing myself because I find numbers to be discouraging. So I have no idea what my original weight was, or how much I’ve lost in one week. Maybe at a later point I’d like to be able to answer someone when they ask how much weight I’ve lost, but I think not knowing maintains this as a pleasant experience where I don’t end up stressing about pounds.

All in all this is good lifestyle modification. Plus… I turn 30 this year. I’m just sayin’… it would be awesome if within six months I can actually walk around my beach in a bathing suit (a bikini, even) and not feel the need to cover up. It’d be great to be able to wear things like tank tops and shorts without feeling self-conscious.

Updates to come.

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