Dear Sister…

I’m a little miffed with my sister. Every time I call their house, nobody answers the phone. Apparently Lara’s phone was a piece of shit, so when it finally died she got rid of it. How perfect, because now she has an excuse to never answer the phone because she doesn’t have one. It was hard enough getting her on the phone when she did have one.

It’s such bullshit. There’s a second hand store almost right across the street from them where she could go and purchase a used phone, so that she has some form of communication with the outside world if someone needs to get ahold of her. If there was an emergency, or if I urgently needed to talk to her about something, I can’t get in touch with her even though I know she’s there. I take offense to it because it’s like she can’t be bothered talking to the people who care most about her. Even when I dropped in unannounced, I sensed annoyance from her. I’m hardly ever in Sarnia anymore, but my ship tied up and I wanted to see her for a bit. We used to spend a lot of time together when I lived in Sarnia and I miss her… and the reason I dropped in unannounced is because she wouldn’t answer the friggin phone… so I show up and she’s sending out the vibe that she’s not impressed… because of the usual excuse, “My house is such a mess.” I’m getting mighty tired of hearing that. Why not just say, “I actually don’t want to see or talk to you.”

And if it wasn’t for me making the effort, I’d never hear from her… just like she never called me for Christmas or New Years. I can’t understand the selfishness anymore. Never thinking of anyone else but yourself.

Ugh, it pisses me off.


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