UPS angry face.

Len and I are headed to the white sandy beaches of Cayo Santa Maria. I haven’t been anywhere tropical in almost 3 years, but I did love Cuba… so it’s going to be nice to return.

But before I get to relax and detox in the sun for a week (Detox? Yeah right.), I have to get in a little complaining to stress myself out even more and make the down time more worthwhile.

So back in mid-December I ordered a gift for Len online through I kept getting these e-mails from them trying to entice me to buy something. They advertised giving me $25 towards my purchase, and then they sent me a $10 gift card in the mail… so I had $35 to play with. I had to use the gift card by Dec. 15th, so while I was at work I hopped online and ordered a couple nice ceramic pizza stones from some company out of France. So I get the order confirmation, and then when the items were sent I got another one… so I get home expecting to have a pick-up slip that I can simply take to the post office and pick up my items, and have them ready for our Christmas.

As if anything would ever be that easy. If it sounds normal and uncomplicated, something’s gone awry.

They shipped the items through UPS – even though the distribution centre is out of Mississauga (which is only about 2 hours away), they shipped them through a specialty shipping service. No notice was left on my door even indicating that they’d tried to deliver my items. It’s not until I took a closer look at the confirmation e-mail that I noticed a tracking number that linked to the UPS website… so I went on to see what was going on and my items were sitting in the UPS holding centre in BARRIE. Well I discovered this on the weekend, so I was going to call them today to make sure that they were still there, since we happen to be going to Barrie today… but they just sent them back to the supplier. REALLY!?

I was arguing pretty heavily with the person on the phone at UPS, who of course speaks English as a second language… so there’s not only a problem I’m angry about, but now there’s a fucking language barrier too. She tells me that the UPS driver declared that my residence is vacant, hence why he didn’t leave a notice on the door. I asked what factors are determined to deem a residence vacant and asked her how I’m supposed to know that my package had been attempted to be delivered when there’s no sign of him being here. I didn’t really get an answer for either one, so I advised her that I work for a month at a time and I ordered the items while I was away on the ship, expecting to simply take the delivery notice to the pick-up location and retrieve my items. There was NOTHING on the website when I ordered the items that stated that I had to pick them up within 5 days of delivery. I looked over my order confirmation AND my shipping confirmation, neither of which says anything about that. You don’t find that out until you track the item through UPS and realize that it’s UPS’s stipulation and not the supplier. Might have been helpful to know while I was AWAY AT WORK. I might have chosen not to order it if I had to go through this stupid mess just to get a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. 

Then I called the supplier’s customer service line and I got a voicemail. IT’S A CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE AND THEY DON’T EVEN PICK UP THE PHONE. I called them on the weekend and left a voicemail, telling them to call my home number… so of course they called my cell and I didn’t get it, because I don’t keep my cell by my side when I’m at home.


My blood pressure is back to normal now. I spoke to on the phone and they’re re-shipping my items free of charge.

Can they bypass UPS?  



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