Paper Lanterns

I’ve been busy getting crafty the last few days. Craftiness isn’t usually my forte, but I’m getting tired of having to drop money at department stores every time I want to improve my home.

I was flipping through my Chatelaine magazine last week and they always have DIY home improvement ideas. So this one featured a Christmas tree where you make small origami globes to go over the lights, and it got me thinking… hmm, that sounds great. So I went onto YouTube to find out how to make them, and a 10-year-old kid taught me how.

So, following that, I went out and bought everything I needed at the Dollar Store. This time of year they have strings of lights for $2, but they’re the small strands that only have 20 bulbs on them… which is perfect. So I bought two boxes of those, and 2 booklets of scrapbook paper that have 50 pages in each, which were only $3. So to make 5 lantern strands it cost me $16… which isn’t bad considering that to buy something like this would be about that much for one.

Dollarama has the scrapbook booklets which have amazingly beautiful pages in it, and they’re not too thick. It takes about 2 hours to do one strand, and I made two for myself… so it took me about 4 hours. Here are the results, in light and dark 🙂 (picture quality isn’t that great, since they came from a mobile phone)

Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns


And so friggin adorable!! I’m making a bunch of them as Christmas gifts.

I also did one using newspaper, because we always seem to have papers and flyers laying around. I’m making those for both my sister and my dad, since they’re both news junkies. But you could also use wrapping paper, if you wanted to do Christmas-themed lanterns. You could even wrap a ribbon around them to make them look like little Christmas gifts. I might do this for my cabin on the ship this month.

Anyway, they’re pretty delicate, so if you’re into the idea and decide to make them, I recommend putting them on the light strand AFTER you’ve hung it where you want it. Otherwise they might get crushed or fall off as you’re moving it around.


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