Who’s stalking me?

I just took a look at my site stats and I find it interesting that the second highest search term used by people, which leads them here to this blog, is “teezy4sheezy”. I didn’t realize it was a popular search term, but it makes me wonder if the folks looking it up are trying to find me because I had an inactive twitter account with that nickname for a while, which I removed because I didn’t realize it also had my real name in there… and I was uncomfortable with the idea of people potentially searching my name in Google and finding out what my online alias is (which would be pretty easy if anyone came across that twitter account). Not everyone has this blog address. Only a very small handful of about 5 people in my life even know it exists, unless of course other people in my life have landed here because of the aforementioned and I have no idea who they are.

The lengths people will go to to sniff a person out! (like I should talk… I’m a professional internet creeper haha)

So to you, online stalker(s), why don’t you just say hello and let me know you’re here? I promise I won’t bite… and, I also need more comments. The life of a blogger gets lonely without any feedback.

On a totally unrelated note… the weather is insanity right now. Very powerful winds at the moment – so strong that it sounds like someone is rummaging through the garbage cans directly outside my office window. It snowed today, and because it’s so cold I’m pretty sure there’s ice… and my car (my poor two-wheel drive car) is at the bottom of our hill with no hopes of getting it up to the garage unless there’s a thaw. Sadface.


2 responses to “Who’s stalking me?

  1. LMFAO.
    New stalker, raising hand 🙂 (But I had never been here before today)

    • haha well I have suspicians of who it is, so I’m just letting them know that I’m on to them.

      I don’t mind good stalkers.

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