It’s nice to have faith in the family courts. It’s nice to know that some judges use common sense and logic when looking at blatant facts. And it’s so gratifying when people who assume that the courts work to their advantage, and who assume their opposition is going to lay down and take a beating, get kicked in the face for their stupidity and dishonesty.

And I have to admit… I enjoy the prospect of them being in debt for the next 20 years because of it when all this time they’ve senselessly racked up legal fees to fight against hard evidence that’s been shown to them time and again, all the while acting selfish and greedy with no sympathy for what they’ve done to the other person or their own children in the process. I said before that karma has no place in family courts, but it does have a place with the person who uses dishonesty as a weapon to bring you down and fails. See what happens when money displaces compassion? You reap what you sow.


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