Hollywood wasteland

Can someone tell me what happened to people in the public eye and being dignified when you’re in the spotlight? I miss the days when celebrities actually had a responsibility to be role models and upkeep their positive image. The trend in Hollywood these days seems to be to stir up as much controversy as possible and also to use your wealth as a grenade to throw at opponents (cue Rihanna and Miley Cyrus).

I don’t respect celebrities who fall for the marketing schemes that their managers push them into, and I certainly don’t respect any celebrities who say things like, “I hate broke bitches.” Really, Rihanna? Well, by your standards I’m way beyond broke. I’m living-in-a-tribe-in-the-middle-of-the-Amazon kind of broke, compared to even Teyana Taylor. Is your message that money determines what your opinion is of someone? If so, you shouldn’t have any fans because pretty much all of them would be “broke bitches”.

For someone who came up from nothing in Barbados, who I assume was living a fairly average life like the rest of us, you sure do have a high opinion of yourself. You’ve obviously forgotten that you too were once a “broke bitch”. Your circumstances are because of luck, not because you’re a goddess worth praising whose head is in gold clouds.

As for her firestorm with Teyana… Rihanna brought on that war. You think it’s perfectly fine to post a video online mocking an artist who wasn’t even provoking you? Then when she fires back (and she was perfectly within her right to be upset), you come back at her by saying you’re not going to encourage her career by responding on Twitter and by throwing shade at her by remarking on your financial hierarchy? Fuck off. You can’t start the drama and then try to back out of it by using dignity as an excuse.

Obviously Teyana’s final response was way out of line, but I’d probably do something rash out of anger too. Speaking of rashes…

Miley Cyrus… now here’s someone who’s taking exploitation to an entirely new level.

This morning I came across the story about her back-and-forth disagreement with Sinead O’Connor and it’s kind of pissing me off that every single media source is labeling it as a “war of words” and I keep seeing opening lines like, “Everyone knows Sinead is no stranger to controversy.” No, it did not at all begin that way. I feel that the media is manipulating it to blame Sinead because of her past, which is kind of shitty. Sinead’s statement was not at all intended to be aggressive or controversial, but the media is presenting it that way by reminding us all of things she’s done in the past. What happened is that Miley cited Sinead’s video as an inspiration for her shitty Wrecking Ball video, and Sinead took the opportunity to flag down Miley’s ego and give it some much-needed advice. Sinead’s first letter to her was actually very well put and I noticed that she continually reminded Miley of how talented she is, and simply gave the direct message that exploiting herself means she’ll get taken advantage of and end up down the same rabbit hole as the other celebrities who fell for it… and encouraged her to change her course.

Miley responded in a pretty low way by comparing Sinead to Amanda Bynes and digging up the mental breakdown Sinead had on Twitter two years ago, just to throw it in her face and encourage her followers to laugh at mental health issues. If that’s how Miley takes thoughtful advice, it might explain why she’s acting like a spoiled brat in the public eye – that, or her parents’ support of her retarded behaviour.

What I find funny is that she indirectly cited Sinead as an inspiration by talking about her “Nothing Compares” video, and when her inspiration showed disapproval of what she’s doing she acts like she has no time for her. Is that the best you can do?

Didn’t Miley come from a Baptist family? Didn’t she used to wear a purity ring and all that shit? I’m not a Christian, or even religious at all, but I was reading Christian news because it caught my eye that Billy Ray Cyrus is saying to all these Christian sources that he regrets bringing Miley to Hollywood because it destroyed his family, and that he would take it all back in a heartbeat if he could… but that’s not what he’s saying to the mainstream media. After Miley gave that extremely embarrassing VMA performance, Billy Ray was defending it by saying she’s “evolving as an artist.” Haha, she’s evolving all right. Not to mention, when her own father approved of it, it gave Robin Thicke kudos and then he was telling everyone he wouldn’t change a thing about their performance. I’m sure his remarks would have been a lot different if Billy Ray had publically denounced it.

I don’t know… to the moral crowd you say you regret being a friend to your daughter instead of being her father and you say that every other parent who told you so was right… but to the general public you say that her behaviour, which is a direct RESULT of having a friend as a father, is ok with you and doesn’t bother you. So obviously I don’t need to point out the inconsistency of what Billy Ray says about his daughter… although I just did.

Not hard to see why she is the way she is. I saw a commenter on some article about Miley saying that it’s no surprise that her parents were more like friends, seeing as they were letting her live with a guy who was in his 20s when she was like 15… IN THEIR HOUSE. I remember that, and I remember thinking at the time that this girl is going to end up like Lindsay Lohan, because that was around the time Lohan was in and out of rehab (she still is) and dating that cokehead Samantha Ronson. Miley’s a slippery slope away from the same celebrity wasteland where the spirits of the once powerful artists like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes and Christina Aguilera are buried.

I see Miley Cyrus’s behaviour and I just think to myself… wait until the fame catches up with you. Wait until the paparazzi stalking you all the time starts to wear to the point where you can’t even pretend to be polite to them SOME of the time. Wait until you get photographed enough times stumbling out of a bar and being labelled an alcoholic just because you’re acting like any normal person your age.

I’m certain that at some point the money won’t even be worth sacrificing her identity so that her record label can sit pretty. That’s why I kind of chuckle when I see these superstar celebrities using their wealth as a buffer, or a protective shield. It doesn’t take a genius to know that money can’t protect you from everything. Money can’t save you from depression and mental breakdowns. And nearly EVERY celebrity who turns into a skank ends up having one or both of those things. You can’t NOT have them because you turn yourself into an object that nobody will take seriously. You let your image overcome your talent. If you treat yourself like an object, then everyone else is going to treat you like an object, and then you’re going to get depressed because you just can’t recover from that. That’s the lasting impression you end up leaving… unless you disappear for years and leave the industry to try and have a normal life, and then everyone calls you a recluse and accuses you of being a desperate once-was that has lost your greatness. That’s your future, Miley. Enjoy.

And while I was looking at stories about her and her family, I happened across one that talked about Radiohead snubbing her at the Grammys when she begged her manager to set up a meet-and-greet for her. Radiohead responded by saying “We don’t really do that” and Miley turned around and threatened to “ruin” them by telling everyone about it. Radiohead in turn issued a statement (or their publicist did… there are conflicting reports) that said “When Miley grows up, she’ll learn not to have such a sense of entitlement”. THANK YOU. I’m certain they want to meet her even less than they did then.

So the Sinead issue is the second time she’s been coached by her mentors and just got angry and threw a tantrum in response.

My impression of Miley is that she’s ruining her career right now. I think her recent penchant for exhibitionism and her apparent desire to perform for MTV topless is a gross exaggeration of her desire to find herself, and I think it’s been encouraged by the people who are in charge of her. She wouldn’t even have to perform naked, and she probably didn’t even propose that. If anything, she was advised to make a comment like that because it bolsters this badass image she tries so hard to maintain. She’s only 20 years old. She’s got a LONG way to go to truly find herself, and I’m 99% certain that what she’s doing right now will not be the real her in another 10 years. Whenever you see these celebrities coming from a background of childhood stardom, they struggle with being typecasted with an innocent image because that’s what they became so well-known for… and in every instance I’ve seen, those celebrities who became successful in furthering their fame and career are the ones who make an extreme change to their image. They don’t just transition from innocence into normal adulthood and continue on with a successful career. They have to sexually exploit themselves to be noticed for something other than a childhood star. Executives know that, so they give these poor people really bad advice.

Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera both started on Disney. Both of them became whorish sellouts to the industry. Christina didn’t have a breakdown so much, but she became a mother, and I give her credit for wanting something different because of that. And hers was yet another case of the media’s obsession with perfection, because when she gained weight like any mother would, all of a sudden pictures of her thighs and rear end are ending up on the covers of tabloids with bright red circles around them, chastising her for having a normal post-pregnancy body. It was ironic because just a couple years prior she had the dreadlocks and the perfectly toned body and the only criticism she drew was from the public who thought it was weird that she went from the Genie-in-a-bottle Christina to the Dirrrrty Christina. I’m sure the executives loved that as they were profiting off it… but as soon as she gained weight suddenly they had no use for her and her body image became the biggest source of mockery. Britney Spears is also a mother who went through that, but she was also a mother when she was doing some of these slutty things… it took a mental breakdown for her to change, and now she’s saying she’s not into the sexy image because she has children. And her body still isn’t what it was before she got pregnant, but I’m glad to see that she’s happy about that. So is Christina. I mean, these are two successful people who got away from the chains of sexual exploitation and still manage to do ok. I guess that’s the point I’m trying to make.

To me, that’s proof enough of what Sinead is trying to tell her about the record executives not giving a shit about her. Wait until you fall off your high horse, Miley. Wait until you feel deceived when instead of a reaching hand you get a punch in the face from the very people who you thought cared about you. Fuck, I’m not even famous and I know that.

Then there were Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes, both of whom were child actresses. Lohan came from Disney as well and Bynes came from Nickelodeon. Lohan got to be about 21 and she started partying all the time and sleeping around… doing the racy photoshoots and all that. I still don’t know if I believe that she ever had an abuse issue with alcohol because any celebrity who is frequently spotted with a drink in their hand tends to be labelled as an alcoholic. The media’s perception of substance abuse seems to be based on how many times the person has been photographed with it. Well, fuck, if you took a photo of me every day you’d probably notice a glass of wine in most of them. That doesn’t make me an alcoholic, but the media knows people don’t have the common sense to see it differently if it’s coming from an official media outlet. Lohan obviously had a problem with coke, because everyone knows if you do it once you’re going to get hooked on it… and it’s rampant in the entertainment world. Plus, she was photographed bumping it in a bathroom.

But the alcohol? I don’t know about that. I know she’d admitted to having a problem with it and she’s gone to rehab, but I think that’s probably more because of advice she took from a publicist or PR team and less to do with an actual problem. Anyone else her age was doing that, probably on a more extreme level. Especially if they were in college. Basically, if you’re a celebrity and you want to enjoy drinks as frequently as anyone else does, you have to do it on the downlow where you’re not going to be spotted so that you don’t get labelled for the entire world to believe. I’ve just noticed with the media that they’re very quick to brand people in the spotlight, and that can ruin lives.

As for Amanda Bynes… she’s the last person I expected to have a breakdown. She had a totally innocent image in everything she’s been in… including Easy A. She never actually broke out into full-on sex icon UNTIL she became mentally ill. And her controversial sex imagery was a direct result of schizophrenia, so nobody can hold it against her… but they did before they were aware of it.

Amanda Bynes, however, abused weed, which is why she became schizophrenic. I’m sure of that, because I saw articles that stated she smoked at least 30 joints a day. Weed abuse had been linked to the onset of that disease. I also know it from personal experience as this happened to someone in my own life. That person didn’t get diagnosed with schizophrenia, but the weed abuse led to a mental break down that included paranoia. I’ve smoked weed before, and the reason I don’t do it is because I get paranoid and I don’t understand how anyone who experiences that can feel ok with being that way when they’re high. It’s not comfortable to feel like you’re being watched, and if you only feel that way when you’re smoking dope, then why would you continue to do it? I don’t know, but I feel that it was probably the biggest contributor to Byne’s illness. Plus, I knew it was schizophrenia before she was even diagnosed. I wrote about it on my Livejournal blog and stated that there was no doubt in my mind that the girl’s got schizophrenia.

Miley isn’t shy about her love for Mary Jane, and neither is Rihanna… although I’d take Miley as the type who’d abuse it over Rihanna, because Rihanna’s from the Caribbean where they at least respect the herb for what it is. It’s part of their culture. t’s well-known to the entire world that Caribbeans smoke the herb and are chill people because of it… but they’re not linked to being insane. Miley’s a little too showy about it, flaunting it a little too much, so if I was anyone of any importance I’d say take Amanda Bynes’s situation as a warning signal of things to come. And also, don’t make fun of her because that could be you some day. You’re not above going down, as plenty before you have had it happen to them. So shut your mouth and put some clothes on.

And doesn’t anyone else think it’s weird that her fiance broke up with her and the very next day was seen with another woman who I think it’s been confirmed that he is dating? Miley’s probably putting on this big show where she draws all this attention to her greatness, because she’s hiding whatever emotions she’s going through on the inside. I know I did that with my ex… I tried to make myself look like I was so happy and having so much fun because I wanted him to believe that he was missing out… but I still went home and cried myself to sleep every night. I made fun of him to all my friends, I was vengeful, I laughed at him… but no normal person who feels emotions could possibly be normal after breaking up with someone you were engaged to or with for a long time. I’m not buying it. But I DO believe that he’s over it. He was probably over it a long time ago because I’m sure he got sick her shit pretty quickly. I don’t know her personally, but I get the strong impression she’s spoiled and has a huge sense of entitlement, and I think she seems very immature. Usually, people launched into stardom are forced to grow up pretty quickly. I always find it weird when I see a young celebrity in an interview who is so much more composed and pensive than I am, and I’m nearly 30… and I was never like that when I was their age. And yet, Miley’s the total opposite. I was uncomfortable when I saw her on Ellen because Ellen was asking her about her boyfriend and Miley’s behaviour about it was so child-like, which I thought was strange for a girl who’s obviously got PR people who advise her on how to act in public. So, if I’m right, then Liam probably checked out like a year ago or whenever it was that she started stripping for money.

And shame on you, Billy Ray and Tish. You were obviously so interested in monetary gain that you let your daughter become what she is, and trying to defend her isn’t going to change what’s already been done. Hell, at least you profited off it. Sad.

I noticed, after I wrote this blog, that on Miley’s twitter page she has a picture of her mother dressed up like a GANGSTA with all these photoshopped dollar bills, ball cap, dollar signs and a joint hanging out of her mouth. If I was a mother, I wouldn’t stand for that shit. Now Tish looks like a fuckin’ joke to the entire world. Some mother she is. She even dresses like a prostitute. Can’t imagine where Miley gets it from…

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