I love how overly hyped people are getting over this Lays chip flavour contest.

For anyone not in Canada, the final four flavour contenders are Pergoy Platter, Maple Moose, Creamy Garlic Caesar and Grilled Cheese & Ketchup.

The only one I haven’t tried is the last one. They all just taste like chips I’ve already had; none of them has a unique flavour at all. I’m laughing as I see all these people talking about how they nearly puked while trying some of them. haha ok then.

My favourite so far is probably Maple Moose, and not just because I bought the bag feeling sorry for it because it was the only one fully stocked on the shelf. I legitimately love anything with a smokey flavour, and although this chip hardly tastes like maple at all and hardly has a sweet taste at all, it definitely is smokey. I ate half a bag in one night!

The two things I agree with from most of the complaints is that a) there’s only one flavour that’s really got a Canadian flare to it, and b) they all taste like some other chip that’s already been invented.

The perogy platter chips just taste like the bacon flavoured chips you used to be able to buy. The creamy garlic caesar chips are exactly like sour cream and onion, with a very slight garlic taste. As for the grilled cheese and ketchup, I haven’t tried it yet but I suspect it’s probably a cross between cheese chips and ketchup chips.

Really, Chantelle? Thanks for that outstanding insight.

My vote is on Maple Moose, if only because it’s the only “Canadian” suggestion that made it this far. Although, I’m not sure you’d sell people on the Moose part. I hear it’s supposed to be part moose flavour, and who is going to buy a chip that is supposed to taste like wild game?

It doesn’t, but you catch my drift. GO TYLER!


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