Solo drinking binge and cooking

Well, that’s the last time I polish off a bottle of wine by myself again. I should have looked at the alcohol content before I opened it. 14%!! No wonder I was hammered. Normally I can polish off a bottle on my own no problem.

So, I drunk-dialed and woke up with a headache. Whoops.

Now that the Motrin has done its job and I’m partially alive again, I’m in the mood to make myself some homemade meals. I don’t usually cook at home, unless it’s something very simple, because my tastes and cooking style are much different than what this household is used to… so I stick to baking, because very few people rival me in that department.

I’ve been giving some serious consideration to converting to a vegetarian. Given my history with lack of commitment, I’m guessing it won’t last long if I do try it out, but I do wish to eat healthier and being a vegetarian is cheaper than not being one. Plus, I like veggie fare.

My favourite cuisine in the world is Indian, and Thai comes in second… and both are very versatile for vegetarians. So is Italian.

I like meat, but I think I could live without it. The hardest thing to give up would be pork and chicken, but I guess I don’t have to truly give them up for good. I could cheat every once in a while. As for beef, I’ve never been a huge fan. If I have a choice between a regular burger and a veggie burger, I will almost always choose the veggie burger. I just genuinely like them. In fact, that’s what I’m going to cook today.

I went out yesterday and bought a tonne of vegetables so I can make all kinds of food for myself on a much cheaper budget while I’m here alone. I finally opened up that Indian cookbook that Mom bought me. The only reason I haven’t used it yet is because of all the weird ingredients that I don’t think are easy to find in your average grocery store.

I also want to make falafel, another one of my favourites, so I can make pitas with it and put it on salads. Again, dirt cheap and full of flavour. In fact, I agree with my sister when she says that beans are not only an excellent source of protein, but also great for making full meals with. I like to make red beans and rice, which packs a lot of flavour and is pretty filling. It just takes a long time to make if you’re doing it the real way and using dried kidney beans. But, it yields a lot of servings. Just don’t leave it in the fridge for longer than a few days or it will start to turn, and it does not smell nice when it goes rotten.

So I’m thinking of trying the vegetarian thing out for a bit, just to see if my waistline improves. And clearly, I have to cut back on my bread consumption as well. Diabetes runs strong in my family and I’m on the road to getting it if I don’t convert to a healthier lifestyle.


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