I had such a good post going earlier, until I decided to restart my computer and close out of my browser. Apparently wordpress doesn’t automatically save drafts like livejournal does.

Speaking of drafts, I was reading and publishing some of the ones I’ve had in here since 2009. I don’t always publish a post right away. If I’m working on it and I think I have more to say, but I’m not in the mood to finish it, I save it… and then great works of art disappear.

I’m currently at home with a back injury. I’m almost fully recovered, but I’m not sure I’m ready to go back yet because although I feel 100% better I’m still in the healing process, and I’m not positive that I’m comfortable lifting up to 50 lbs (which is one of my job requirements… not that I’ve EVER actually lifted 50 lbs).

So, since my back has been feeling better and since I’m the only one here, I’ve been making a good effort to get this house cleaned up. I started by bagging 3 garbage bags’ worth of clothing for the Salvation Army. I also have 2 garbage bags full of old linens that will be making a trip to the dump, along with whatever other junk I gather up between now and Monday. I hauled out all the tupperware and matched as many lids to containers as I could; the rest are going in the recycling.

Our last renters for the season are leaving tomorrow, so I’m going to head into the cottage and boathouse and pitch as many kitchen utensils, pots and pans as I can. We already did this once last year, and we still have too many. Anything that’s decent can stay, but there will be absolutely NO unnecessary duplicates. We have an absurd number of kitchen supplies in the house here, and the lack of space is really starting to wear on me… so all of our extras are going to replace the old dinged up and gringy items in the rental units.

I kind of hate living with 3 guys, because none of them have an appreciation for style or cleanliness. So trying to fulfill those two things always ends up being fruitless and a waste of time. I feel it’ll be easier to manage if we just de-clutter and get rid of all the excess. It’s hard to work on this house because the amount of work to be done is endless. We keep backtracking every time we attempt it, because more stuff ends up coming in and we don’t accomplish the purging as much as we say we will (and that’s not my fault, because if I had it my way 3/4 of the stuff in this house would be gone).

At least the bathroom and bedroom look awesome. The office still needs a little work… but I’m too busy uploading all my music to my iPad to worry about that right now.


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