I want to share with everyone an ingenious product I purchased today, thanks to Len’s son Calvin who introduced me to it.

I bought what is called an eRoll, which is an electronic cigarette. I’ve heard about e-ciggies before, but I had my doubts… thinking, how could an electronic mock-up of an actual cigarette really aid in quitting smoking?

I’ve been using it for less than 3 hours, and I get it.

This is about as close to smoking an actual cigarette as you’re going to get. Here are the likenesses that make it a genuinely effective product:

– you inhale vapour, which feels just like inhaling smoke
– you exhale vapour, which looks just like smoke
– you can get the vapour that contains nicotine in different milligram dosages, depending on what kinds of cigarettes you smoked and how strong they were
– You get the same heat or tingling sensation in the back of your throat as you do from smoking
– the device actually crackles as you’re inhaling, giving you the same physical characteristics of smoking.
– the tip of the eRoll lights up in blue, which doesn’t really matter to me because you can’t see it from the “smoking” point of view, but might be beneficial to some.
– The atomizer, which is located just about where you’d hold a real cigarette, heats up as it’s activating which makes it feel like the heat on your finger from a real cigarette
– the nicotine you inhale actually does suppress the craving for a real smoke

I’m not, nor have I ever been, a heavy smoker. I’m what they call a habitual smoker. I can pick it up or put it down whenever. The problem is that when I’m around people who smoke, or when I’m drinking, I inevitably fall into the smoking habit again. It seems impossible to go out for drinks with my friends or colleagues without having a nicotine fix of some kind… so I’m sometimes reluctant to dabble in partying because I don’t want to end up mooching cigarettes off people. I don’t like to buy them, because I know I’ll smoke the whole pack. So it’s sort of a catch 22. Now, some might say, why not quit drinking if you know it’s the cause of this bad habit? Well, I like to drink. I’m not an alcoholic, and I never go overboard, but I genuinely enjoy it… more than smoking. So it seems unfair to give up something I can manage in order to control a habit I can’t. Now I have a bargaining agent.

With this thing, it comes in a small container which looks a lot like an iPod (the skinnier ones). The container itself actually charges the eRoll when you’re not using it. So it gives you the accessibility to carry it around in your pocket or in your purse, just like a pack of smokes, so that you always have it when you need a fix. And given that it actually fulfills the craving, you’ll theoretically never need to mooch a smoke when you want one.

The vapour cartridges as well are pretty huge. One refill of the canister (again, depending on how much you smoke) can last a while. I think the clerk who sold it to me told me that one canister is the equivalent of 10 cigarettes. I don’t think that’s accurate… maybe more like 3 or 4. But the refill cartridge is probably the equivalent of a few packs, and each refill only costs $6. A Pack of typical cigarrettes is what, $10 minimum?

I love that you can get the vapour in different flavours. For example, you can get it in blueberry or green apple, or you can get it to taste similar to a brand you’re used to smoking, like Export A or DuMaurier. They gave me the Export A one, and I also bought a blueberry one. The Export A, to me, tastes a lot like coffee… which is great, because I LOVE coffee.

The downsides?

Well, if you actually like the taste of a real cigarette, you might be disappointed with the Export A or DuMaurier flavours. Myself, even though I was a smoker, always hated the taste of cigarettes because of all the chemicals… but I loved the nicotine. So to have something that suppresses the nictonine cravings but actually tastes good and isn’t bad for you, is a great combination for me. This is an incredible invention. Whoever thought it up must be a millionaire by now.

The clerk said she quit smoking within a weekend, after being a lifelong smoker. She had no intentions of ever quitting, because she genuinely liked the act of smoking. I believed her, because she said she bought hers in Wasaga Beach since Midland didn’t have them… and it was so effective for her that she decided to open up her own branch of EVape in Midland because she believed in it so much. Something would have to actually work for you to be able to market it yourself. I’ve tried herbal cigarettes that I bought online from California… and although you’re still lighting up, you’re not actually getting any nicotine… so they were pretty useless for me. Plus, you’re still inhaling carcinogens.

Another benefit to this is that you can use it everywhere because you’re not actually smoking, so there’s no combustion taking place. There’s no fire, so there’s no second-hand smoke or direct smoke to make it harmful to anyone, including yourself. This is apparently still debatable to some, who feel so strongly about non-smoking that they believe that using this is still advertising the act of smoking. Personally, I believe that if it’s getting you off a dangerous addiction and isn’t hurting anyone else, that it should be encouraged. And you don’t STINK! The vapour liquid, if you get it on your hands, is actually quite a pleasant aroma.

I’ve never tried Champix or Nicorette, but I certainly know enough people that have tried it and gone back to smoking. I only know one person who successfully quit off Nicorette, permanently.

Anyway, if you’re a smoker and you want a really good solution to quitting, this is definitely worth a try. I’ve been into the beer and wine tonight, and I’ve had this to puff on when I get the urge, and this is when I’d normally want a smoke the most… and I’m telling you, it works already and it’s only my first day.

Amazing invention! the only problem is accessibility. Not every town has an EVape store, so getting the eRoll and cartridges would be a problem in towns that don’t have them. But I really want to buy one for my brother and sister. I was telling them about it on the phone tonight and they really want to give it a try – my sister especially, since she’s read a lot about them.


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