Summer lovin’

Oh – spinoff blog!

Speaking of British men… remember that time I was in love with one from Manchester? I wonder what ever became of him. Had I wanted to, he had offered to fly me over to stay with him any time I wanted. Tempting… I wanted to so badly, but he was never reliable… and at the time he offered, it was one of the few times we had stopped talking because he either never responded to me, or he started dating someone else… I don’t remember which it was at the time. But he always came back looking for me after some time had passed, and on this particular occasion, when my luck was down and out and my life was an unraveling hell in London, doesn’t Dean pop back up and work me with his British charm. Nothing was going right in my life, and I guess he was single again and had his Chantelle radar turned on. I was head over heels for that man. I would have followed him anywhere, but he always let me down. I feel like I do that to people too, though. I always say I’m going to do something and there’s not always a lot of follow-up. Every gemini I know seems to be afflicted with this. Dean was also a gemini, which we both marveled at after staying up until about 5 am talking on the first night that we met – about all sorts of deep and intellectual subjects. What I recall of that night is his red sweater and khakis, dirty socks, the subject of Dan Brown and Dean’s severe distaste for him, and my introduction to UK cigarettes (that we smoked all night). Sometimes you meet these people in life who are just a perfect match, who were obviously thrown at you with good purpose, but for whatever reason the forces of the universe have decided that it will never be what it seems is meant to be. He was one such person. Despite all the times he upset me by always disappearing or showing up with unpleasant, surprising news… I always forgot all about it as soon as we started talking again. I’m in no way suggesting the life I have right now isn’t satisfactory… but I like to reminisce about all the romantic pursuits of my early 20s. It’s fun to remember them. I should write a blog about them sometime, because I’m sure it’d be entertaining.

Anyway… that was a fun summer romance, if that’s even what it was. We never even kissed, because we only saw each other in person for that one night in London, and beyond that we kept in touch on the phone, through e-mail and almost daily on MSN. He was going to come to London and see me, before one of his mysterious disappearing acts… and then he turned up in my life again with a girlfriend haha. I think he’s still with her. They seemed happy last I saw of him on Facebook, and she’s really pretty. Good for him.

Mention of Hugh Grant made me think of him…


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