If I could…

Often, when I’m watching movies, I find myself wondering how people could lust after Hollywood actors who, to me, seem largely the same – all vain, all rich, all perfectly manicured.

So sometimes, I imagine someone asking me, “If you could sleep with anyone in Hollywood, who would it be?” and me, in pensive concentration, drawing blanks.

But now I have an answer. Tim Robbins (from his The Secret Life of Words era) and Daniel Day Lewis (from any era, but particularly The Ballad of Jack and Rose). Yes, these are my picks. Oh, and you can throw in Michael Cudlitz for good measure… and Damien Lewis, but only in his role as Winters in Band of Brothers. And Hugh Grant… but ONLY in Love Actually, and nothing else. I hate corny British men on any given day. Hugh would be hot all the time if it wasn’t for his mouth that probably ruins a perfectly good moment pretty regularly.


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