Len will be home in 2 days and I feel like the last two weeks just flew by. I miss him… but I’m just sayin’, having two weeks to myself when I’m living with 3 other people is a nice break. I almost felt like I had my own place again! I should have Len build me a little playhouse, or bring the one from the farm here, so I can have my own zone to disappear to when I want to shut everyone out. I’d have one electrical outlet that I’d use to charge my phone or ipad, and a lounge sofa and a lot of bookshelves. It could be my reading room! I never had a tree house as a kid, so that would be a cool idea. Just perch up in some big oak tree and look out over Georgian Bay with some June Callwood or Robert Frost.

I’ve lost momentum on the yard again… but I think that’s on account of the heat. Who wants to carry boulders around when it’s 32 degrees outside? I cut the grass yesterday. Ok I know I’m patheticly out of shape, but this body is not meant to be pushing a lawnmower horizontally on a steep diagonal slant. I want to work on something else, but I know that if I don’t finish the path soon that weeds are going to start growing before I finish laying the landscape fabric down, and then I’m going to have to rip them out again. And I know if I don’t get busy pulling out the overgrowth on the beach AGAIN, that it’s going to become a jungle very quickly.

I just want a bulldozer… and a flame-thrower with a lot of gasoline. No big deal… the neighours’ house is only on the market for $1.5 million – small price to pay to get rid of these weeds.


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