AWESOME birthday present!

Len bought me an iPad Mini for my birthday πŸ˜€ I LOVE this thing!!

I totally wasn’t expecting it, but when he came home and asked me if I wanted my gift today or tomorrow, I kind of figured he bought me one… because he’s tried to bring me shopping for one a couple times now and I always told him NO, because of the expense (we’re trying to pay down debts at the moment).

But go figure… he found a way to get around my iron fist. But it’s ok…. because I won’t say no this time haha. A girl’s got to be happy on her birthday, right?

If any of those friends of mine out there reading this right now have any Apple products, let me know and I can take a day to learn how to communicate with you.

I’m making out like a bandit this year. Mom’s buying me my favourite perfume! It’s the one I bought her for Mother’s Day like 5 years ago and I’ve loved it ever since, but didn’t want to buy it because it’s like $75 a bottle. It’s called Desirable by Lise Watier. HAPPYYY πŸ™‚

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