First Wives First? Yeah, in the GROUND hopefully.

You all know my stance on spousal support, so take a look at this article. I’m having a field day just reading the comments below it. I momentarily thought about reactivating my Facebook account so I could rip this woman to shreds.

I wish more women like her would publish their stories because you can see the outrage it sparks. Funny though, isn’t it? You never see the point of view from the ‘victimized’ ex-wife, because they KNOW what the general public has to say about it. They know, deep down inside, that what they’re doing is wrong… but the importance of exercising good ethics doesn’t outweigh the greed of receiving free money that comes from enslaving someone you’ve divorced. I searched high and low for articles, or even blogs, from first wives who are recipients of alimony… and this is the only one I came across so far. I dare all you entitled wastes of skin to do the same as Jan Nastasia and publish your side of the story, so that the whole world can laugh at you and tear you to shreds like they did with her. Not ONE person commented in Jan’s favour, and there are over 100 comments. Why is that, Jan?

There’s just so much to say about this, but most of the commentors already covered it pretty well. She mentions that she might have to go on food stamps because she’s not receiving the alimony payments from her ex, and yet she lives in a $400k home. All of her children are grown and out living their own lives, but the thought doesn’t appear to cross her mind to sell her home and buy something more modest, and ADJUST HER FUCKING LIFESTYLE LIKE ANY NORMAL PERSON WOULD HAVE TO. And she expects sympathy for her cause?

I googled this woman (ahhh, the power of google) and it appears that she silently yielded the advice of the commentors and listed her house for sale. Doesn’t it sadden everyone to think of this woman having to downsize? Puke. Go sob to everyone who lost their homes in the recession, you sleezy bitch! Go tell your story to the people who can’t work because they have a serious illness like AIDS or cancer, who don’t happen to be married or on the receiving end of a divorce settlement. Go blather to people coming out of school with $50,000 in debt, working part-time minimum wage jobs to make ends meet. You are NOT a victim. You are NOT entitled.

I read an article a couple days ago about a man who pays 95% of his take-home pay to his ex-wife. Is there really anything to say about this? I’m sure you’re all thinking the same thing. Of course, this is in the USA. ABC News tried contacting her for comment and naturally she wouldn’t respond… which is greater evidence that there’s a clear wrongdoing here, if you won’t even defend your side.


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