Good morning, everyone. It’s a rainy Thursday and I just woke up… at 11 am. It seems that no matter how early I go to bed, I always wake up late. And we seriously need a new mattress because I wake up every morning feeling like the Tin Man with no oil.

Well, the farm is really starting to shape up. Len and I have slapped fresh coats of paint on most of the walls. I still have the bathroom, the front downstairs bedroom and the backsplash in the kitchen to do, but that will only take a couple days. And then we’re done (hallelujah)

Houses are a lot of work… especially if you leave them in a semi run-down condition for so long, and then it starts to feel like there’s no end to the upkeep. I could probably fill 10 pages of paper with all the things that need to be done around there, but who has the time and money for it all?

As soon as we finish I’ll put up the before and after photos. It’s unbelievable the difference a few things can make.

I bought some stain last week in the “fruit punch” colour, which is basically a cross between hot pink and fire engine red. I think it’ll look nice on the bedroom set in the cottage. At the farm is this really long, skinny dresser that I used to think was junk, but as it turns out it’s solid wood; it just needs refinishing. It’s the perfect size for our entrance. We have an overabundance of hats, gloves, shoes, etc… so it’d look nice if I refinished it in a mustard yellow (to sort of match the living room colours) and use it as storage for all that crap to declutter the closet. And then put decorative things on top of it. Shit, we have a lot to do in our own house, too. Maybe if there’s time next month I’ll paint these walls from this god awful blue to something better. (Len’s mother’s favourite colour is blue, so everything all her houses is blue… including BLUE FLORAL WALLPAPER in our bedroom that is going to be a pain in the ass to remove).

Speaking of wallpaper… oh my, I had my first lesson with removing it. I ripped off all the old wallpaper in the master bedroom at the farm. It was a mid-90s blue striped wallpaper with tiny pink birds and flowers on it. It has a border over top of that with dark blue and green stripes and dots. And along the top of the wall was even more of that border. Once we ripped all the paper off the walls, then we had blue paint that was chipping. We had to plaster basically the entire room, and then sand it, and then paint it. And the kitchen – same deal. We just haven’t painted it yet. Never EVER wallpaper. What a nightmare. Like, it’s not so bad if you do one wall as an eye-catcher to make the rest of the room pop… but an entire room?! Does anyone actually enjoy putthing that shit up? Len’s buddy Tony said yesterday “I’d rather paint the design on the wall myself than put up wallpaper.” haha

Anyway, all this house talk is making me want to go paint. (I actually enjoy it, can you believe that?)

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