There are two celebrities really getting under my skin these days. I know, I know… none of you care what my opinions are of people in Hollywood. But I do, because they make me angry when I’m just trying to enjoy a little gossip blogging with my morning coffee.

First up: LeAnn Rimes. Where did this narcissistic attitude come from? She thinks because she stole Eddie Cibrian from Brandi Glanville, that she’s some crowned jewel or something… and she NEVER STOPS TALKING ABOUT IT IN PUBLIC. Usually when someone famous cheats and gets caught doing it, they avoid the media until their press agents encourage them to address it and appear deeply regretful to make themselves look like better human beings than they actually are. What you don’t see them doing is continuing to address it to the public and reciting the reasons why they just weren’t happy with their former spouse. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be either Dean Sherberett (whatever his last name is) or Brandi Glanville, having to reopen the wounds every time it makes the headlines again because LeAnn just can’t shut her trap. I’m sure both parties experienced humiliation having to endure very public divorces, and it’s as if Eddie and LeAnn are TRYING to continue hurting them after the major blow of a cheating scandal. What is wrong with you two? Shut the fuck up!

First of all, Eddie Cibrian is hardly a prize worth bragging about if he shit all over his ex-wife and kids for you. If he’s going to do that to his family, what makes you think he won’t do it to you? I give it 5 years before he cheats again and it’s splattered all over the magazines like it was five years ago. LeAnn has said recently that the last four years she’s been with Eddie have been “very turbulent”, but she’s always going on about how happy she is. Right, good luck.

Secondly, how seriously do you expect anyone in the world to take you if you troll around his kids’ t-ball games in short shorts and platform heels when his ex-wife is sitting on the other side of the park? And when you go on vacation and wear thong bikinis when you know the paparrazzi are snapping photos? I can only think of one thing to say about it: grow up.

I hate to judge people on the way they look, but LeAnn has purposely destroyed her body with plastic surgery – including her face – (so did Brandi Glanville, but she doesn’t look nearly as bad) and it strikes me as strange that someone who looks worse now than she did before acts like she’s the hottest thing on the planet. Someone like that should know better than to keep rubbing salt in her husband’s ex-wife’s wounds. I’m pretty sure nobody thinks LeAnn has more class in this situation.

The other celebrity who’s pissing me off is Kat Von D. Don’t get me wrong – she’s crazy talented. But ever since I first saw her on Miami Ink, I was like… wow, now that is a flake if I’ve ever seen one. I can’t imagine holding a conversation with her when she’s always in outer space, and never seems remotely interested or engaged in conversations she’s having on TV… seems easily distracted and like she’s not even listening to people, or she’s always high (likely). And, she’s another one who got with a man going through an ugly divorce and bragged about it on social media. I remember seeing either blogs or interviews where she more or less said, “Jesse has told me I’m the best partner he’s ever had, and he can share things with me that he could never share with other previous partners.” Really? How stupid are you? Meanwhile, Sandra might be seeing these things and might feel a little stung after she had her heart ripped out and thrown on the ground because he’s a filthy pig. And who knows, maybe it might have been good ammunition in the divorce proceedings.

Mind you, Sandra is a classy woman and she’s one of my favourite actresses, and she’s clearly very strong. She never even remarked about any of it – she just moved on with her life and went ahead and adopted on her own child, etc. She very obviously doesn’t need a man to fulfill her life, and I don’t think she ever did. Kat Von D, on the other hand, is never without a boyfriend (or “fiancee”). Kat and Jesse didn’t last three years, because shockingly enough he cheated on her too. Yeah, you’ve got brains to think you changed him.

But one thing that irks me with Kat is that every time she’s dating a guy, she HAS to get engaged to him so it makes the news… and then it never happens. Nikki Sixx didn’t propose, but they were together for a long time and broke up. Jesse James proposed and they were going to get married… and then didn’t. And now deadmau5 has proposed and they’re supposedly getting married… but what do you want to bet…

She hasn’t been single since she finalized her divorce in 2004. That says a lot.

I don’t like women who break up marriages, or women in the spotlight who are publically insulting to their partner’s ex just because there’s some evident hint of jealousy. If your partner just went through a bad public divorce, what you DON’T do is start bragging about yourself on social media and why you’re so much better for him than any of his previous relationships.

AYE! I could be Samantha Jones. (in terms of PR, not promiscuity haha)


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