Bowling, Hangovers & The Paranormal

I just went bowling with a hangover. That was awesome. And the kids don’t throw bowling balls down the alley like normal people – they let them loudly crash in a vertical drop first, and if it happens to roll down, that’s cool. Bowling alleys probably aren’t the greatest places to go on days like this.

And the rock and bowl didn’t start until the second we left. Awesome.

THE FARM HATH BEEN RENTED! I never thought the day would come. Most people who have seen it kind of looked around in silence and it was obvious what they thought of the place. But our new tenants were enthusiastic all the way. The husband and his mother grew up on farms, and the family wants to raise their kids on one. They called me like 3 times and e-mailed me, and they finally got ahold of me yesterday. So, it’s nice to have that taken care of because the insurance company was calling Len’s parents saying they were going to cut off the insurance if the place remained vacant. Now that’s not a concern, and they also have rental income coming in to pay their property taxes. It can’t be cheap paying taxes on four properties, one of which is waterfront.

Speaking of the farm…

The other day when Len was there in the morning he had an eerie, possibly supernatural experience. I’m not going to say I’ve never believed the stories people tell about spiritual encounters, but it’s never happened to me so I never really had much of an opinion, other than knowing I’d probably crap myself if it did.

Before I tell you Len’s story, I’ll tell you about a visit we had with friends one night last week. We went to our friends’ house and somehow the topic turned to ghosts. Our friends informed us, as we were sitting in their dining room at night, that their house is haunted with about 5 ghosts and every member of the family has seen them. There’s a young boy who’s dressed like he’s from the 1800s and has a white cat, who appears upstairs. There’s a black man who lives in their laundry room, and one of their deceased relatives who comes and goes, as well as two other unidentified spirits. Sharon (the wife) was telling me about how stuff goes missing all the time or gets moved. She’s had a cold spot in her house, but it disappeared. There’s noise and activity all the time, footsteps… all that kind of stuff. Their sons have both woken up to silhouettes appearing at the foot of their beds. So after I had about two beers and had to use the bathroom, I was petrified to go upstairs and I made her come with me haha.

So she tells me all this stuff and I’m thoroughly freaked out. So I start telling her things that the kids have told me about the farm. The old, original part of the farmhouse is still in tact, and Len built an addition on the back of it about 20 years ago. Prior to Len’s parents buying the property the family of the original owners were still there, and the old man (whose name I believe was John Curry) died in the chicken coop one morning when he went to collect his eggs. The chicken coop fell down since Len’s lived there, but the foundation is still there, and part of the walls I think are still laying there. Anyway, Calvin swears he’s seen the ghost of Mr. Curry in the pasture at night. Calvin also says he came out of his room one night around 3 in the morning to use the bathroom, and saw an apparition of a woman with long black hair coming out of the front upstairs bedroom. According to Calvin she stopped and looked out the window, and then turned and walked back into the bedroom. He explained hearing stuff too, and odd things that would happen. He said he was watching TV in the living room one night and the front door (that never got used) flew open and hit the wall really loudly. That door, for as long as I’ve been around the farm, has always been difficult to open. It never had a lock on it, but when you shut it it seals pretty tightly in the frame… so it’s hard to imagine wind blowing it open. Calvin asserts that this door was locked at that time, but who knows. He said he went running upstairs though haha.

So anyway, I told Sharon this stuff when I was at their house, and she didn’t act surprised, because it’s an old farm house. If any house is going to have activity, it’s going to be a house like that. I never witnessed anything firsthand, but being alone in that house at night always gave me the creeps for the simple reason that it’s an old house with the potential of hauntings, and it’s on a very dark country road. At night the farm is pitch black because there are no street lights, so I don’t like the curtains being open because you just think to yourself that someone could be outside looking in at you and you’d never know, and that bothered me. Being alone in the house, which I have been a few times, was always uneasy. Paranormal activity has always intrigued me, but I never wanted it to happen to me… but I guess I wouldn’t call myself a skeptic. I never disbelieved the stories. So if the activity was real, then being at the farm felt vulnerable.

After we left Tony and Sharon’s house, as we were driving down the road the farm is on, Len decides at that moment to tell me about a murder that happened right in front of the farm. I knew nothing about this, and kind of wish I still did. It was 1:00 am as we were coming down that road, with no lights anywhere, and I’m hearing all this stuff that is connecting with all the weird things Calvin told me. The girl who was murdered was named Elizabeth Whalen, and she was killed by two 19-year-old guys back in 1979. I don’t know all the details; I went online trying to find out what happened, but all that came up was an old microphished article that talked about the two murderers (Neil Gerow and Gerrold Diver). You can look at it yourself here:,1371784

Diver and Gerow both died in prison, and Elizabeth died after authorities lifted the car off her that Diver and Gerow used to run her over with. She bled to death from her wounds. But it happened right in front of the farm, which is the creepiest thing ever.

There’s only one incident that happened to me when I was there, and it’s more of a non-incident since I can’t say exactly that it was anything to be concerned about. But it was just after our last tenants moved out and I wanted to get the basement cleaned out. It was such a mess, so I spent long days down there throwing stuff out and sorting, etc. So I stayed late one night by myself to keep working on it and the house was making noises. I realize old houses do that, but I was in the basement and I heard what seemed distinctly like footsteps coming from upstairs. I went white just at the thought of hearing what I thought I might be hearing and I booted it out of there and went home because I didn’t want to stick around to confirm it. It might have been nothing, but it very well could have been something.

So back to Len. Len was at the farm two days ago by himself in the morning, before I woke up, and he had just started laying the flooring down. He started in the downstairs front bedroom, which has a set of windchimes hanging from the ceiling. Len bumped into them once, and after they quieted down he was working on the floor and they started chiming all by themselves. He stopped what he was doing and looked over at them, and they stopped. He went back to the flooring and they started doing it again. So he stopped again and watched them closely for a couple minutes, but they stopped once he looked at them. I don’t think they did it a third time, but he said it gave him chills. It actually made me laugh. So when I was there later in the day, I was working in the upstairs bedroom peeling wallpaper off and puttying, etc. Len came up to check on me and we both heard a loud crash coming from downstairs, which ended up being his saw that fell off the footstool that it was sitting on. Again, it was strange because nobody was around to push it off and there was nothing that should have caused it to fall in the first place. LOL I was just a bit amused, because if it WAS paranormal activity, it seemed playful – not scary. (although anything that’s making noise or motion when you can’t see it is going to be scary).

Len later had to go pick up the kids, and I was left puttying the room by myself, and I was a bit uneasy about it after he told me the windchime story and after we heard the saw fall. But, nothing happened.

Oh, there is one more potentially eerie thing that I experienced at the farm. I don’t know that I necessarily believe that orbs are a result of the paranormal, but I do have a photograph from inside the farm that has about 4 orbs in it. I’ve never, to my recollection, had a photo with orbs in it. In all my years taking pictures I’ve never seen them in my photographs. This one, which I’ll show you, was taken last October when I was taking photos of the inside of the house to post online for the rental ad. It’s of the walk-in closet in the master bedroom. I took about 3 different photos of the closet and the orbs only showed up in one. Could have been light reflecting off something – I really don’t know, and I don’t want to speculate. I’m merely throwing it out there for those of you who are curious about the paranormal world and its legends.



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  1. Betty Whalen was a friend of mine. I remember the day we found out about her murder. I was just looking for articles about it, and like you said, there’s a dearth of information on it.

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