Food creativity

I’m embracing this old blogging world of mine. Facebook kind of voided me of my flare for writing… except occasionally, when I’d write a note and felt like no one read it. I feel like I have control over my passion again, and I don’t worry about who’s reading it or what they think. That’s probably because very few people in my life have the link, so really I’m more or less writing for myself.

I’ve spent my time home so far doing nothing, and it’s been great. Drove to Parry Sound to return the base vehicle yesterday, and then we came back to find out that the kids won’t be here until Sunday, which I don’t mind at all. I made chicken stock today, and I was going to make bread or some kind of cookie, but then I realized I drained my baking supplies last month and none of the stores are open today. Which reminds me… happy Easter everyone!

I don’t know what is prompting me to get back into the baking groove after having just spend 28 days doing it, but I guess it’s the idea of knowing my household enjoys it… and it keeps me in good practice for when I go back to the ship. If wordpress was cooperative at sea, I’d be able to do a daily update of all the things I make and give back ideas that were passed along to me through the blogging world. I made some new things this month which I discovered the crew went nuts for, so now I have to make them at home too. They included:

– homemade passion flakies (you make a cream filling similar to the one that’s used in Twinkies, and it’s made with shortening. Kind of a pain in the ass to make, and time-consuming, but soooo good)
– chocolate revel bars (identical to Starbucks’ oat fudge bars)
– homemade fig newtons (in the form of bars, not rolled cookies, because it’s easier)
– cappuccino cheese cake with white chocolate curls and caramel drizzle
– pumpkin sandwich cookies with cinnamon cream cheese filling
– home made fresh spring rolls (I really didn’t expect that they’d go as crazy for these as they did. I ended up making them twice, and sold out both times.)

It’s fun to try new things and see how the crew receives it. I love finding out what their favourites are. Every time a crew member mentions something I made that they like, I log it in a word document. That way, when a birthday comes up, I not only make them the kind of birthday cake they like, but the daily cookie will be something they’ve mentioned liking in the past. And if a crew member who’s not a regular comes back for a shift, then I know what to make for them at some point.

Honestly, it makes my job a lot easier too haha. It basically plans my month for me… with the ocassional experiment thrown in.

Another thing I tried that they liked, but didn’t eat a lot of, was my own creation of a cake. I had all this zucchini to use up, so I made a few loaves of zucchini bread, and I used the rest of the batter in a 9×13 pan and baked it like a cake. When it was done and cooled I cut it in half and spread a caramel icing in between the layers and then pressed them back together. On the top I drizzled the leftover cinnamon cream cheese icing from the pumpkin cookies, and then I sprinkled toasted almonds over it. Then I caramelized some apples and served them warm on top of the cake at dinner. They loved it, but I think they were on zucchini overload at that point, so they didn’t eat all of them.

Now I’m home and wondering what to make. Len wants butter tarts, of course, and I think I’ll have to make scones again. I also bought some dried blueberries and cranberries, so I’m going to make granola bars too. They also like challah (as does my crew, now that they just had it for the first time on Passover), so that’ll be coming up.

Seriously, I came back on here just to talk about food?

This was actually going to be about property revamping we have planned for this month, but I guess I’ll save that for tomorrow since I just veered off on something else haha.


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