BC is now my least favourite province.

This just in (yesterday): B.C. has granted the same legal entitlements to commonlaw couples as married couples. Just when you think the law is going to snap in to reality, they move backwards. It’s a new millennium and we’re not even moving forward, legally.

So basically, even if you never sign your life away with a marriage certificate, you can still lose everything. Now I’m petrified of Ontario following suit. I should really start writing letters to Parliament, because this issue is really burning my ass. Where is the incentive for people to move in together and share their life? Oh yeah, it’s so romantic… what happened to my house that I spent 20 years paying off? Oh, she gets half just because she moved in, even though she paid nothing on the mortgage? Sweet.

Those of us who choose not to get married, because we feel it’s a useless institution and an expensive mistake to make, are now being punished for making that choice because the law is sticking it to us. As it currently is in Ontario, if a couple is commonlaw and splits up after a long-term relationship, neither one of them is entitled to the other person’s assets unless they were jointly purchased or owned. That’s the way it should be, period, even if you are married. Anything that belongs to you and that was yours prior to cohabitation/marriage should remain yours. Why should somebody’s ex be entitled to half their assets just because they cohabitated? Awesome, so now every other leech who chooses not to work and to sponge off their spouse is jumping for joy, because now they don’t even have to get married to clean the other out. Fucking bingo. That’s all marriage is, is a lottery ticket waiting to be cashed for every woman in the country who makes less than her husband does. I will never change my mind about that.

I won’t be moving to B.C. Quebec, however…

2 responses to “BC is now my least favourite province.

  1. Tower of Power

    We should also be looking at why some women make less than their husbands…and don’t forget all the leechy husbands there are these days!! There are plenty of households where the woman wins the bread.

    • You’re right, but those men only represent 3% of recipients. And I think the salary ratios have a lot to do with it, and I think that’s part of the reason so many places are pushing workplace equity. But that also means more jobs are statistically available to women, which should impact family law. Most of the laws for support came into effect in the era of deadbeat dads, when women in traditional marriages got nothing. Today’s world is a different place and there’s no excuse not to be able to support yourself. Child support is different.

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