It seems the ship’s network doesn’t like wordpress. It’s a real ordeal to be able to make a post to my own blog. Amazing… we can afford the best equipment, but we have the most terrible internet service that yields a lot of frustration from people aboard who want nothing simpler than connectivity with the outside world when they’re holed away for a month. Evidently that’s too much to ask for. And they block the most pointless things from the network. What idiot is getting paid to dream up these schemes to make seagoing personnel miserable? Someone who never has to go without, undoubtedly.

DeNiro… or at least it’s supposed to be… by yours truly.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day. We celebrated here… barely. Some of us already celebrated and expended all we had to give last night, so I don’t know how we scraped by today. That’s all I’m going to say.

Here’s how we keep our sanity for a month at a time. A little festivity stretches a long way… especially when you’re trapped in a shithole like Thunder Bay.

St. Paddy’s Day Menu.

Irish Cupcakes.

Gerry’s carved potato owl.

If you’re wondering why the cupcakes have Christmas liners, it’s because they’re leftover from Christmas and they’re the only green ones we have. Nobody noticed haha.

The cupcakes are actually just white cake mix with a package of pistachio pudding added to it. I’ll find the recipe later and throw it up. I have no idea how they taste, but half of them have been eaten, so I assume they’re not as radioactive as they look.

Ah well. We had a fun day today! Hopefully all the other sore eyes out there did as well. Cheers.


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