Sorry, friends.

My friends are upset with me for deleting my Facebook account and are appealing to me to put it back. I honestly thought nobody gave a shit. In fact, that’s half the reason I took it down.

I don’t like the site anymore, and I’ve been 140x more productive since getting rid of it. I’m not on the computer as much, and when I am it’s almost strictly for research or work-related stuff. It’s been a very positive improvement.

Sure, it sucks at times not seeing what everyone is up to… but, it lets you know who actually cares about your life. I think we all know that 95% of the people we have on our friends page wouldn’t even notice if you deleted your account; they’re just there because they’re people you’ve collected associations with and it seems appropriate to have them in your social network. But how much am I really losing out on? Keeping up with people’s lives doesn’t mean reading every inane status update they put.

Anyway, my answer is no. I’m staying away from social networking. Instead, I’m staying here. I haven’t actively blogged in years, and withdrawal from websites like Facebook forces me to channel my thoughts to a better place… a place where everything I say or do isn’t subject to gossip from my colleagues or curiosity from my overly-worried family members about something that actually means nothing.

Plus, I just dug my old SLR camera out of the closet, and if I figure out how to custom format this blog (or even if I don’t), you might just see some photos too.

If you’re lucky, I’ll give you this link 😉


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