I always appreciate when my month off work occurs over the month of October. October is my favourite month of the year; autumn is my favourite season. I wish it was fall 3/4 of the year and summer the rest.

When I moved to Georgian Bay this is what I looked forward to the most, and it’s way prettier than I could have imagined it to be. Right now there’s a perfect blanket of yellows and reds all over the ground and every tree for as far as the eye can see looks like sunset. I love it! As soon as I’m not swept up in a whirlwind of to-do’s, I’d like to go for some pre-dinner walks and really enjoy it.

Len and I got home just over a week ago and we’ve been booked solid since. We were home for all of one day before we hit the road for Amherstburg for our friend/colleague Dan’s wedding. That was probably the third best idea for a wedding I’ve experienced first hand. Dan and Sam had their ceremony in their own back yard against a backdrop of self-decorated trees adorned with white ribbons and lights. We didn’t actually get to attend the ceremony, but we made it to the reception, which in itself was awesome. They rented a giant tent with heat lamps, and for the food they seemed to have a kind of potluck of baked goods that friends and family brought. Around 10 pm or so they had pizza delivered. The reception was dry, except for a couple bottles of wine on each table. It was BYOB, which I actually think is a lot better because people can have what they want at their own expense, and then you’re off the hook for a liquor license. It’s a good money-saver, and I think most of what they did for their wedding was cost effective. What an idea. Folks go wayyyyy overboard for the elaborate wedding and I never understood it, because it’s only for one night. Nobody cares about the elegance and the expense that was put out. They care about the happiness of the wedded couple and the experience in sharing it with them.

So that was fun, even if we had to drive like 6 hours for it a couple days after crew change. But I was so glad I got to be there. So, thanks Dan for inviting us!

Work blew this last month. God, I’ve never hated my job more than I have in the last six months. I got stuck on the shittiest vessel in the fleet, so, thanks crewing. I’m sure it won’t be forever, but unfortunately it’s the only suitable option to maintain a synced schedule with Len, so I have to shut my mouth and deal with it for the time being haha. I liken it to prison, except with better food.

I just read a good book, too. I was mad for a couple days (at home), so I spent my evenings in our room reading to escape the reality of complicated situations, and in my escape I read Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs. It was a good read because the author shocked the readers with the very graphic accounts of his childhood, as well as his dry sense of humour about it. I was laughing pretty good at some parts… but just like the reviews on the back of the book say, you’re laughing so hard at a really tragic childhood because it’s so unbelievable and the way he tells it, you’re thinking to yourself, “I don’t think this is supposed to be funny, but he wants you to laugh at it, so I guess it’s ok to laugh.” He could have gone the oppressed route and written about it in a morose sort of way, but he chose to make light of it, which I admired. It’s a good read. I couldn’t put the book down… and I’ve never finished a 300-page book in only two days.


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