Real Talk.

I hate when people advertise how ghetto they are. A friend of mine on Facebook recently had a baby and her biggest mission in using her page is to put up daily reminders for everyone on her friends list to read that she has very poor taste in men and is pretty much an expert at picking them. She always picks the biggest LOSERS. She was with some married guy for a while, and even had the class to show up to one of his family BBQs and sit right next to his unsuspecting wife and kids. She only likes black men, which is fine, but she always goes for the HOOD ones, and she finds them all in the States. How legit do you realistically expect these relationships to be? And somehow she’s surprised that this latest one took off when she got pregnant? I’ve been reading these godforsaken status updates about him for MONTHS and it’s annoying when you go to your feed and she’s at it again. People who are constantly negative and bring it upon themselves are useless to me.

Every day it’s some new update directed at the guy who knocked her up and left the second he found out she was pregnant. I’ve been tempted so many times to leave a snide remark, but being that she is who she is, it wouldn’t be worth the headache. So, finally, someone else did it. She put up a remark yesterday about how he can ignore her all he wants, but he can’t ignore the state… and she was carrying on about how he’s lucky the law’s being changed so that deadbeat dads won’t go to jail for not paying child support, but simultaneously launching these threats at him about “serving his community” and “facing the state”. So some guy, who I assume is friends with the father, commented to the tune of, You opened your legs up, sweetie. You could have asked him to wear a condom and basically echoed every sentiment I have on the matter. She deleted it within a couple minutes of him posting it. And she always used to accuse me of not being able to take criticism…

She’s gone on before about how he’s missing out on his beautiful child (which is agreeable), but why do you have to make a big show of it? Is airing all your shit on a social networking website really accomplishing anything? Why don’t you mind your P’s and Q’s and be a little humble, and stop pissing him off even more? Is the knowledge that you can nail him with legal action not enough for you? Oh wait, I forgot who I was talking about for a second…

I know she’s over the moon about being a mom, because she always wanted kids… and I fully agree that this guy should own up to the daughter he created. But you know, what was she thinking having unprotected sex with the guy? To my knowledge (or from what I can tell), this wasn’t a serious relationship. And you go and have unprotected sex with him? Real bright. I think you can usually see these things coming… you can tell what kind of person they are, and how sincere they are. And you chose to keep a child that you probably knew he wasn’t going to raise. She keeps going on about how it’s fine, because her daughter doesn’t need him in her life… but then she turns around and wants support payments for the sake of her daughter. You have a good job and a roof over your head that you own – you have the resources to raise her just fine all by yourself. All she’s looking for is money, and it’s just like her to be vindictive when given the opportunity. What are you gaining out of this other than financial benefits? The state can’t make him be a father. They can make him pay, but they can’t make him BE a dad. So all you’re essentially doing is making him pay for a kid he doesn’t want, and I don’t understand the gain. So maybe the state makes him cough up child support that he pays for the next 18 or so years – so what? What’s it going to mean to her when she’s older and all she has to show for her father is the support payments? Is it going to make her feel any different about him than she would if he didn’t pay at all? Probably not. I’d say the winning factor is if he wanted to see her – then the support payments might be vindicated. I don’t know, maybe I have a radical opinion on this, but I’ve known this girl for the last 13 years and I know she has a penchant for revenge. She loves any opportunity to be dramatic and angry. I think the root of trying to get him to pay support is her spitefulness about him leaving her… and what a perfect situation for her to do so. Not to mention she was onto the child support almost the day the kid was born. No, you didn’t have an agenda or anything…

I just think the support issue is so shallow. It’s a bit different if you have nothing to live on, but then again if that’s the case why are you having kids you can’t afford to raise? That’s a whole other argument. Who knows what this guy does for a living, but judging from the characters who are affiliated with him on her Facebook, I’m guessing it’s nothing great. I hope she gets a whopping $200 a month from him, if she does get anything at all. I’m not really sure how international law comes in to play with these situations.

It drives me nuts. She’s always been like this. Any time she has an issue with someone, it’s not enough for her to blast you for it – she’s got to let the whole world know about it so she can revel in the ignorant comments people leave that turn her into Mother Theresa. I don’t know how this girl still has friends that stick around and put up with her crap. She likes to think she’s never at fault for any issues she has with people, yet she’s got more issues with people than I can keep track of – more than anyone else I know. And she’s not a happy person. She says she is, and she’ll brag about how good she has it… but then all she has to show for it is negativity. You know the old adage… actions speak louder than words…

As an ending thought – I should mention I’m no longer friends with her. She’s bossy, aggressive, demanding and controlling… has been the entire time I’ve known her. She dominates her friends in submission and I think most of them are afraid of telling her off because they know how obnoxious she can be when anyone dares to do that. But she used to be such a smart, classy girl when she was younger… and then she got all ghetto. When she goes out to the bar she dresses trashy… she lives in a trashy part of town (although her townhouse is really nice on the inside). Some of her friends are trashy. Just… ugh. She even talks ghetto now, which is SUCH a turn off.


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