Boy, when things happen, they happen in pairs or trios. I thought about coming on here tonight to revisit my old catharsis and just write about everything that’s been dragging me down lately, but the family stuff I’m dealing with is personal and I don’t really want to write an expose on it. But there has been one big thing bothering the hell out of me that I just feel like I have to say before I explode.

I don’t know how to handle the same people constantly setting Facebook statuses that serve as some kind of reminder of their own self-importance. There are two people I’m thinking of who suffocate my feed with crap about karma or anything related, and who always have to be negative and throw up these Debbie Downer lines directed at someone who continually seems to be a sore subject. I just wanted to emphasize a couple things, in the event that it might have some kind of effect, because it honestly drives me nuts.

No one is without flaw. We’ve all said and done things in poor judgment that we’re not proud of, and we’ve all made mistakes – in relationships, or otherwise. There are people in this world who are pure evil, and there are people who are more bad than they are good… and there are good people who occasionally do bad things. If someone is upsetting you that much that you dedicate your entire focus on letting the world know how mad/disappointed you are, then maybe you need to re-evaluate what kind of person they are. If they’re more bad than they are good, why are you affiliating with them in the first place? And if you know they’re inherently good people, why can’t you give them the benefit of the doubt, or at least talk to them? I don’t understand how putting up vague, indirect messages is going to solve anything, because nobody knows who it’s intended for. It’s irritating and what exactly is it accomplishing anyway?

It bothers me because I sometimes get the sense it could be directed at me, but even if it’s not… being negative all the time is an annoyance to the people around you. Put a smile on your face and get over it. Find something else to talk about, other than who you’re pissed off with, who did you wrong, or how the whole world revolves around you. We’re all entitled to bad days and to frustrations, and sure… sometimes Facebook is an excellent outlet for that. But when all you want to do is revisit the same tired subjects about the same people, then at what point do you bury the subject and be done with it? Either you make the decision to confront the person directly so you can get things straight and put it behind you, or you decide that you’re through with that person and you move on. But when you keep the same people around in your life who constantly piss you off, and you keep flaunting it, well… I almost have to wonder if you do it because you live to be unhappy. I don’t want people like that in my life. Some of us have real problems we’re facing, and I guess it’s just one of those things that gets under my skin when I see people obsessing over absolute nonsense.

I think there needs to be a better general understanding that each and every one of us has things going on that you might not necessarily know about. YOU don’t always fit in to someone’s considerations, because they might have something else on their mind and they’re worried about themselves and the people involved – not you. And this is something I’m trying to work on as well, but every time you get mad at someone take the time to think to yourself whether or not it was personal or even intentional. Half the time that people get mad at me, I’m not even aware of the reason why… and if/when I finally find out, it’s usually something I didn’t even do on purpose… or it’s something that was simply blown out of proportion. Taking the time to talk to the person to find out what’s really going on would largely eliminate the need to get all worked up.

On a more personal note… I get the sense that a couple people aren’t happy with me because I’ve become distant or I haven’t been sharing personal details about my life as of late, but… the only thing I can say to that is, tough. It’s my life, and they’re my choices. I choose who I share things with, and that’s my prerogative. I choose to confide in people who I trust, and who are good to talk to… people who make me feel like sharing things with them is worth it. I don’t turn to people who are selfish, who make me feel worse, who can’t muster up more than one word responses, or who can’t put their phones down when I’m in the middle of spilling my guts. I turn to people who I know are happy for me when good things come my way, who take the time to check in and ask me how I’m doing. I’m struggling to have the patience for it anymore. Either you’re in a friendship with me because you actually care about me as a person and we both get something out of the relationship, or you’re in it because you’re only interested in what it means for you and what YOU get out of it.


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