Good eats and road trips.

So good to be home again. Thank god for income tax returns, because I’m enjoying being ahead of my bills for a change. Well I’m never behind, but for once I actually have money staying in my account and not going completely to the evil corporations that rule my life. Thus I have decided to hit the road and go on a trip by myself… to Massachusetts 🙂

I’ve always wanted to see the state – in particular Boston – and it’s not that far away from me. It’s about a day’s drive. I leave on Wednesday and I’ll be staying in St. Catharines with a friend, just to cut the trip up, and then on Thursday morning I’ll be on my way. It takes about 8 or 9 hours once you cross Niagara. The friend who I’m staying with in St. Catharines comes from a Polish family, and I think they’re planning on making me some of my favourite food when I get there. Pretty excited about the homemade saurkraut… not even going to lie.

So I’ve booked a motel in Salem. I’ll get in sometime Thursday night, and spend all Friday wandering around Salem. I’m going to go to the witch museum and scope out the Wicca-themed souvenirs for those who have asked for them. I’d like to make it to one of these two places, or both if I’m lucky, just to say I’ve eaten at a couple of the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives featured places.

On Saturday I’m going to take the train in to Boston and get a day pass for the MBTA, and just go wherever I want. Harvard is the biggest attraction for me, as I’ve always been fascinated with the Ivy League. I’d like to go to some museums and see where the Boston Tea Party happened, etc. So much history there to take in.

And on Sunday I’ll just hang out in Salem probably… or drive somewhere. We’ll see where the trip takes me. And on Monday I’m coming back. Depending on how much money I burn on gas, I might take an extended route home. I’m excited 🙂

I’m making this soup when I come home. I already bought the stuff for it. One of our cooks made it a couple months ago and I was looking online to find a similar recipe… because I thought he’d sort of come up with it from scratch. But lo and behold, here is almost the identical one. I’m also doing a cajun dinner for my family… mostly because I wanted a reason to make the red beans and rice again. I have the beans soaking right now because I want to make it tomorrow and freeze it for my own meals when I come home.

I also have stuff to make pork and cabbage soup… which I plan on doing tomorrow. I’ll freeze that too 🙂 Lots going on.


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