Sarnia sucks.

Crew change tomorrow. Ugh, I haven’t dreaded going back to work like this in a long time. I’m just not ready because I feel like this month off went by way too quickly. I’m starting to sound like all the other jaded sailors I work with. Granted, I did a lot… I went to see Mo and Amye in Leamington (and partied like a rockstar), went down south with my dad, went and partied it up in London, partied with the other crew a couple times here in Sarnia… started talking to a couple guys. Cooked a LOT… managed my money pretty well. I was a little more out of my shell this month than usual.

I just filed my income tax return. I was expecting to get a couple grand back at least, and what I’m actually getting back is around $1400. That sucks, because all year I’ve been expecting more than that seeing as the government rapes me financially all year long ONTOP of the extra money I deduct from my paycheques… but my mom said to me, “Well, considering how much money you make, you would probably be paying the government otherwise, so $1400 isn’t that bad.” But still… I had plans to throw $1000 down on each credit card and maybe have enough leftover to buy myself a small flatscreen TV for my room. So now the plan is to put $1000 on the CIBC credit card and $400 on the other one. This is gay.

My plan is to pay off both credit cards by the end of the year so that the only things I’m left paying for is my line of credit, and my student loans. It’s a bit of a struggle right now because I got overconfident and indulged in too many things at once, and now I’m paying for them all. It’s not like I can’t afford them; I’ve just left myself short. If I can get those two cards paid off by the year’s end, I can put that extra money I’ll have to myself in to my savings account. I’m not getting any younger and the timeline on that house of mine I’d like to own in six years is getting smaller by the day. That’s my big goal right now, is to get my own house. If I paid off that line of credit in the new few years, I could probably use that as a down payment. I still have overtime I haven’t used… like $3000 or something. As soon as the Government of Canada decides they can actually give it to me, I’m going to cash it out and throw it on the credit card… pay it off faster. (But I’m waiting to be made permanent first so I don’t have to rely on it)

Speaking of houses… I was googling apartments the other night. I’m getting really tired of Sarnia. I have no life here. I mean, I have my family and I love them to bits… but my social life is a big fail right now. All my friends live elsewhere, and because of that I stay in my apartment more than I’d like to, and I don’t meet anyone new… and I feel like I need to be somewhere more exciting. I’m thinking of moving to St. Catharines. I like that area – there’s lots to do and it’s close to places like Toronto and Kitchener. I actually know people who live around there. I also thought of going back to Kitchener, because I love it there. The only problem with living in bigger cities, obviously, is the expense. I’m starting to get picky about what kind of a place I’d live in. It has to be in an old house or a very small building because I hate apartment buildings. And it is impossible to find a place with a decent sized kitchen with lots of storage. That’s my big gripe at the moment, because I don’t have enough room for all the kitchen stuff I have.

But I definitely want to get out of this town. I feel somewhat obligated to stay here, only because my parents would be upset if I moved away… but I have a life to live and it’s not really happening the way I want it to by being here.


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