Guilty crushes

If my 19-year-old niece can have old man crushes on Sean Penn and DeNiro, I’m certainly allowed a few of my own at the ripe age of 26. I’m going to share with you all the guilty secret obsessions I have with the following:

Robert Redford. I didn’t even know who he was until I watched The Horse Whisperer, and then I was like, “God damn, that is one good-looking older man.” The scene where he finally kisses Annie gets me every time. He looks so in charge. I just watched his movie An Unfinished Life (good flick, by the way) and my favourite quote by him is when his truck breaks down and he has to ride his bicycle in to town, and on his way some local passes him in his pickup truck and says, “Hey your truck broke down again?” Redford says, “Oh hell no, truck’s fine. I’m just out here training for a god damn marathon.” Buddy in the truck goes, “I like the orange flag, though. Without that you might look ridiculous.”

Next up is Paul Hogan. I wouldn’t say I still have a crush on him, but his good looks were pretty hard to ignore in the first Crocodile Dundee. He looked all washed up in the second one, but it’s pretty hard for any man that age to top the shape Hogan was in when he filmed that… back in like 86. It makes me want to travel back in time so I could tear his clothes off and walk around in nothing but his outback hat. Prowr! You know… but I’d stay the age I am now instead of going back to being two years old.

This next guy, Damian Lewis, isn’t that old… in his 40s I guess. What made me think of him was An Unfinished Life, because he played Jennifer Lopez’s estranged abusive boyfriend. But when he played Maj. Dick Winters in Band of Brothers I fell in love. He had such stature, and confidence… and he just exuded sexyness. I seldom like gingers, but  I’m partial to this one… even though he has a minor lisp. I can look past that.

I left the best for last. This is my biggest shame because he was so old when he filmed Kill Bill Vol. 2, which is when I found out about him. David Carradine. Shame that he passed away, but there was something about him that made him incredibly attractive, even to younger women. He reminds me slightly of someone I was involved with, which probably explains a lot of the intrigue. He did such a good job in this role, though… so domineering and slick. This is my favourite pivotal scene:


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