Back from London

How come you can never remember dreams, even if you just woke up from one? I woke up at 4 am from a dream that turned in to a nightmare. I don’t remember exactly what happened or why I was walking through the woods in the first place, but all I remember is walking and hearing something coming up from behind me, so I turned around and this GIANT horse was chasing me. Horses might not seem scary until they’re cantering after you… especially if it’s a clydesdale, like the one in my dream. I jumped over a fence which happened to magically appear and when I was on the other side the horse said to me, “You’re lucky I can’t jump that high” as he stood on his hind legs and hoofed at the fence. What the fuck? I swear I woke up in a blind panic. It freaked me out.

I came back from London Friday night. I went up to see Melissa and her friend Dennis. They’re both flight attendants and Dennis was there on a layover, so we went to paaaaarty! It was fun. He was staying at the Hilton and it was super fancy. We went out and I don’t remember much, but I came back and passed out. I wasn’t feeling so hot yesterday, and come to find out when I get on the 402 that the damn highway is like a slip ‘n’ slide mat. There were ice patches everywhere. It was the most frightened I’ve been to drive. There were a couple transports in the ditch, one of which was jacknifed with the driver’s door pryed open. Cars all over the place in the ditch. I got lucky that it was both light out when I left and that I had other vehicles close enough in front of me whose lead I could follow. My knuckles were awfully white, though. Just as I was approaching the Sarnia sign I got a sudden faint feeling and rolled the window down and pulled over. I put the 4-ways on, got out of the car and walked around to the other side to get some air for a minute. That scared the shit out of me; I thought I had a gas leak or something. But nothing’s happened since, so hopefully not.


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