Curried Thai Lime-Veggie Soup, Cookies and Biscuits

I forgot to write about a couple little things I’ve made over the last two weeks. Don’t want to leave them out, as I have photos of them on my Blackberry that I want to get rid of.

I made a curried twist on a Chatelaine recipe I pulled from my Modern Classics book. The original recipe is called Thai Lime-Vegetable Soup, which turned out amazingly good.

Curried Thai Lime-Veggie Soup

I, however, made two changes. Instead of using butternut squash I used diced potato, as I had leftovers in my fridge to get rid of. And I went a little citrus crazy; instead of using the juice of half a lime, I used the full lime, plus I threw the mangled lime carcases right into the soup, so it came out a little sour. Still good, but I would recommend sticking with what the recipe says. And I also added curry powder, because coconut milk and curry are made for each other. I loved this soup and I took it with me on the road when I went to Texas, but we didn’t touch it once… so I had to throw it out when I got back and I was really upset about that 😦

I also made these chocolate chip cookies with Splenda. We took them on the road as well, but we actually ate these. My dad is a diabetic. So even though these aren’t sugar-free, they’re diabetic-friendly. And you know… they’re pretty damn good. Any cook or baker will tell you that Splenda sucks to bake with because it doesn’t have the same properties as sugar… but splitting it with the brown sugar makes it all right. When you whip it up in the mixer it will be a weird texture, though. So if you notice it’s different than a normal chocolate chip cookie recipe would be, don’t think you did anything wrong… that’s just the Splenda. It’ll be really light and sticky, whereas normal cookie doughs are dense and heavy. If you just use small teaspoons of the dough on the cookie sheet, they come out so tiny and cute – like little buttons 🙂

Diabetic-friendly Chocolate Chippers

You can leave them in that shape, or you can press them down with a flat-bottomed surface right when they come out of the oven and that way they’ll keep their shape.

Last but not least, I found a recipe for dill biscuits in my LCBO Food&Drink catalogue. I, unfortunately, used a tad too much baking soda. Next time I do it I’ll leave it out, since I already use baking powder… or I’ll cut the recommended amounts in half. The recipe called for buttermilk, but that wigs me out, so I used 2% instead. I’ll find the recipe later and include it, but here they are:

Dill Biscuits


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