Photos of the day.

I had some pictures on my phone from the last tour. I figured I could post them so they’re not just taking up space on my sim card.

Des fleurs

These are the flowers the girls gave me when I was having a shite day. I had been snarly for days and stressed out, so the two cadets and one of the nav officers came back and poked their heads in my office. I looked up (probably looking beastly) and they brought these out and said to me, “We want to see you smiling.” It certainly worked. I was all smiles for days after that. ❤ those girls.



We tied up in Cleveland for a night and took the town by the balls. We rocked that place. We ended up going over to the US CCG base and buying some dirt cheap “souvenirs” for ourselves. On the way over there we passed this statue right near the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Kind of cool I think…


We passed one of the Ohio nuclear plants. In a way it’s oddly beautiful if you capture it at dusk. But this is a mere porthole in to my life at sea… I see much cooler things than nuclear plants, trust me.

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