One of the bulbs in my Christmas lights is burnt out, but I am NOT replacing it.

It looks like I just wrote that last blog, but I actually wrote it about 4 or 5 days ago and just didn’t upload it until now.

I spent the evening putting up my Christmas tree. I’m not really sure why; it’s just me in here, and it’s not like the family is gathering in my tiny apartment again this year. So really, all I’ve done is create unnecessary work for myself… but I like getting in to the spirit of the holidays. It warms the place up. My tree looks ridiculous because I suck at stringing lights, so there are sections throughout that don’t even have any and it looks kind of stupid haha. But despite my perfectionist tendencies, that is one task I’m not willing to tediously fulfill. It might be a stupid looking tree, but it’s my stupid looking tree, and as far I know Better Homes & Gardens weren’t planning on doing an expose on my seasonal decorative skills. And so imperfect it shall remain.

And somehow I got myself back on to the night owl timetable, so I’m still awake at 5:18 in the morning. I watched Pretty in Pink… twice… while working on my two travel claims for work and my Nexus application. It was a Saturday night. So this is what my life has become away from the ship.

I had to make a trip to Amherstburg the other day for work-related tests. It’s once again time to take the required Health Canada hearing tests, so I took my niece with me for the ride and we hung out with the Search and Rescue crew at the base for about an hour before I went and did my tests. I passed without having to redo any this time! Is my hearing getting better with age? You know what’s stupid about these tests, though – well, namely the Hearing In Noise Test (HINT)… the audio clips they play of a person talking are at such a low volume that it’s not applicable to where I work. It’s a ship, for Christ’s sake… not a sound-proofed asylum. Nobody is going to be talking below a whisper in a noisy environment. They’re going to be shouting, or at least talking audibly… so I consider the tests to be absolute nonsense. Nice to see everyone again though, especially Greg and Jana.

I’m really looking forward to going back to work on Wednesday. I have missed my ship, and its crew. And my JOB! When it comes down to wiping toilets or pencil pushing, I much prefer the office work. And I have seriously missed my boss, so I can’t wait to see him and give him a big hug and his birthday card. Wednesday is also payday. It’s kind of humorous that I’ve been so broke it’s not even funny, and I don’t get money until the day I go BACK to work, where I can’t even spend it… when I could have used it while I was sitting at home watching the bills roll in. Oh well… better to be somewhere it can’t be spent, I suppose.

I’m all over YouTube now, by the way. I’ve been gradually uploading my videos from my travels around the globe, so when it’s done I’ll post the link.


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