Friends, plans and heat.

I had to go out and buy an agenda yesterday to attempt keeping track of my apparently busy life. When did I become so popular? I seem to be good at double booking myself. But my two best friends in the entire world are coming to town this weekend – one from Whistler, one from Kitchener – and it’s going to be awesome. I’m making ribs, asparagus and cornbread on Friday night and then Miss and I are going to see Rush. I’m not sure if my sister is coming or not, but it’d be nice if she was there. I invited my niece and her friend to come over for dinner before the show. We’re all going to be in the 19+ section anyway, so we can just head down as a group. It’s a 15-minute walk from my place.

Saturday night I think Jason’s coming down from London, and the four of us are going to have a fancy night out on the town. I made reservations at On The Front, so we’ll get dressed up in our shi-shi’est outfits and go for martinis. They have an awesome balcony on the 14th floor with a great view of the water. Beforehand we’re doing dinner at my parents’ place. I’m going to BBQ sausages and maybe hamburgers, with baked potatoes and grilled veggies, and we can soak up sun in the pool.

I took my niece Nicole out for lunch yesterday. She recently graduated Gr. 8 while I was away at work, so I took her out for lunch at her favourite restaurant and then I took her out for coffee and we went shopping and I got her a new outfit, a new purse and a wallet. She was pretty thrilled. I think she deserves it. She’s been doing really well and she looks awesome. I think it’s nice to do things with/for them. I never spent much time with my brother’s kids before, so now I try to do things for them at every opportunity. I’d like to spend more time with them. When I finally get my damn license I’d like to take them on a day trip somewhere. I bet they’d like Cedar Point. I won’t be going on any rides with them ahaha, but they could certainly go and enjoy themselves while I watch 🙂 But this is of course all tentative pending the outcome of my driver’s test next week.

As of right now my apartment is a smouldering cloud of hot air. I’m waiting for someone my mom knows to come back and scope out my apartment to determine what size air conditioner I need, and if he has a reconditioned one that fits the bill, I should have A/C by today or tomorrow. I can’t stand it any longer; this heat is absurd. I went years without it and I don’t know how I did, because I’ve lived through worse heat than this in my London apartment – where it’s so hot that even the walls sweat. Last night I slept with the fan blowing directly on me and I still had sweat beads all up and down my back. I’m even breaking out in sweat pimples and it’s awful. So if I don’t hear from buddy very soon, I’m taking measurements myself and going out to Walmart when Mom is done work. It’s unbelievable how hot southwestern Ontario can be.

Well I should probably go eat something. Can’t wait to see my friends!!!


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